Brand Alignment Map

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Imagine you have a problem, so you go online to find a solution. Someone offers that solution and is looking for customers.

But instead of simply offering the solution with a Buy Now button, they make you jump through a bunch of hoops first.

  • Like signing up for their email list
  • And getting a PDF you’ll spend 5 mins scanning but not implementing because it doesn’t actually solve your problem
  • Then waiting for a week or more of getting emails that are intended to warm you up for a sale
  • Meanwhile, you’re still suffering from this problem and still searching online for a solution because this one isn’t helping and you want rid of this NOW

What are you going to do? You’re going to find someone who can solve this problem NOW. Which means you’re going to hire someone else.


This business attracted the right person, at the best possible time, but lost the sale because it’s out of alignment.

And sometimes, it’s not as simple as not offering the opportunity to buy right away. Sometimes you lose potential clients because the pieces of your sales funnel aren’t aligned with each other, or not aligned with your brand, or your brand isn’t aligned with your message, or your message isn’t aligned with your target audience. Sometimes you start off with a strong and compelling message but dilute it by not helping your potential clients get results fast enough.

And it’s not easy to see this from inside your business because you know too much of the big picture – the backstory, the intention, you’ve seen other pieces that the customer hasn’t seen. That’s why you need an outside perspective. An expert perspective.

That’s where the Brand Alignment Map comes in!


A Real To Ideal Brand Alignment Map offers you:

  • A clear, unattached look at your client attraction pieces and how they are positioning you in front of your ideal clients 
  • An expert look at how the pieces work together to convert your readers/viewers into fans, followers, and paying clients
  • Ideas/suggestions for areas that can be improved and WHY these ideas make sense for YOUR unique brand and audience


You walk away with:

  • A video walkthrough of your sales funnel with commentary so you can see which parts are working and which aren’t – from client attraction all the way to the sales pitch
  • A customized list of ideas that you can start implementing right away (including things you can delete or stop doing right away to save you time, energy, and effort!)
  • A custom tailored list of (free) additional resources to help you improve your brand, positioning, and marketing efforts, based on your brand audit results



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