• Boost Your Social Media Engagement To Boost Your Sales [Part 2 of 4]

    Engagement is the key to success in this era of online business and social media marketing. Engagement offers social proof to wary buyers, it inspires people to connect with your brand, and that gets your posts in front of everyone on their friends’ lists as well.

    More importantly, engagement is proof that your audience likes what you’re putting down. It’s proof that they want to be part of the conversation you started.

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  • Story Marketing For Online Success

    In this episode, we continue our theme of tapping into your story for success, your U.S.P., and attracting ideal clients. We talk about how to look at your story for these keys to your success, why your audience cares about your story, and how to tell your story in a way that connects with your fans and helps position you as THE one and only person they want to hire.

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  • Brands That Do More Than Sell

    You can use your marketing strategy to make the world a better place instead of adding to the noise and in the process, attract better clients who will help you spread your message to every corner of the planet. THIS is the power of enlightened marketing. It’s not a new concept, but it’s definitely coming […]

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  • 3 Steps To Content That Gets The Right Attention

    Want help creating posts that stop your ideal clients mid-scroll and get them paying attention to how awesome you are?

    You just need 3 things, but I’ll warn ya, these 3 things aren’t something you woke up today just knowing…

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  • How To Create A Simple, Successful Sales Funnel

    Creating a sales funnel is super easy and doesn’t require any complicated or expensive tools. Watch me map out a sales funnel that can be used with any platform, any audience, and any medium. Use this with your email list, FB following, youTube following, blog, Twitter, or anywhere else.

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