• Enlightened Marketing For Jaded, Savvy Audiences

    In a world of jaded, skeptical, and savvy consumers, attention will be the most valuable currency of the 2020’s and the future of digital marketing needs to be focused on grabbing that attention and holding it as long as possible. Here’s how enlightened marketing will do that…

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  • Content That Converts Fans Into Customers [Part 4]

    You don’t need a lot of content to attract, connect, and convert fans into customers. You can take your readers from passerby to paying customer with a single blog post or social media post. Just make sure your content covers ALL 3 steps needed to earn their money (and trust!)

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  • Boost Your Social Media Engagement To Boost Your Sales [Part 2 of 4]

    Engagement is the key to success in this era of online business and social media marketing. Engagement offers social proof to wary buyers, it inspires people to connect with your brand, and that gets your posts in front of everyone on their friends’ lists as well.

    More importantly, engagement is proof that your audience likes what you’re putting down. It’s proof that they want to be part of the conversation you started.

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  • How To Create A Simple, Successful Sales Funnel

    Creating a sales funnel is super easy and doesn’t require any complicated or expensive tools. Watch me map out a sales funnel that can be used with any platform, any audience, and any medium. Use this with your email list, FB following, youTube following, blog, Twitter, or anywhere else.

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  • The Key To Sales Copy That Actually Sells

    If your sales copy is generic or confusing, it’s not going to convert into paying clients. I bet you’ve worked on this a BUNCH already and you think you’ve got killer copy that specifically targets your dream clients. Well, keep reading, we’re about to find out if that’s true or not!

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  • If You Want To Make Money, You’ll Have To Get Specific

    Why you need to get super specific about the RESULTS people get from working with you – to clearly state the benefits your clients will experience – instead of, “It’s going to be different for everyone I work with…”

    Because your services are so well rounded that you can help with a wide range of problems/benefits, right?

    If you like money and you want your biz to be successful, you’re gonna have to do better than that. Here’s how:

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