Real To Ideal Mastermind Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of our Real To Ideal Mastermind program!

To help you stay organized and not miss a beat, here is an overview with links to everything we’ll cover this week:

Exercise 1 – Brand Distillation

Exercise 2 – Your Brand + Your Message + Your Audience = Client Attraction

Exercise 3 – Creating Visual Designs With GUEST EXPERT ~ Chantelle Davis Gray! (Password is shared in the FB group. Look for the #Week12 post.)

Journaling Topic:  Write out the actual answers to the above formula.  Write down your distilled brand phrase + your unique message to your target audience + who is in your target audience – (minus) who’s NOT in your target audience.  Create the actual formula and hang it where you can see it in your office.  Journal about how this formula makes you feel.  Are you in love with it?  Does it make you comfortable?  Uncomfortable?  Excited?  Clear?  Confused?  Share your discoveries in the group so we can celebrate or help you create something you’re excited about, something that’s clear and comfortable.