Real To Ideal Mastermind Week 3

Welcome to Week 3 of our Real To Ideal Mastermind program!

To help you stay organized and not miss a beat, here is an overview with links to everything we’ll cover this week:

Exercise 1 – Your BEST Engagement Style

Exercise 2 – Leveraging Your BEST To Stand Out

Exercise 3 – Connecting With Ideal Clients

Journaling Topic:  How will it feel to build a business that focuses on doing what I love, from a place I enjoy working from? How will it feel to show up from a place where I feel confident, grounded and happy? How will that effect what I’m saying, how I’m connecting, how I share my message? How will it feel to stop some of the activities I’m currently doing, that I know deep down aren’t giving me the results I want, but that I feel hesitant to stop doing? Why do I feel such a need to hold on to those pieces if I feel like they aren’t serving me in my business?