Real To Ideal Mastermind Week 4

Welcome to Week 4 of our Real To Ideal Mastermind program!

To help you stay organized and not miss a beat, here is an overview with links to everything we’ll cover this week:

Exercise 1 – The Language Of Social Media Platforms

Exercise 1 Workbook

Exercise 2 – Repurposing Your Content Across The Internet

Journaling Topic:  One of the hardest parts of work like this is feeling like you’ve wasted time, energy, and effort on the wrong things. Or feeling like you’ve been “doing things wrong” all this time. That’s simply not true!! There is no wrong path to success. Everything you did, you did for a reason and you learned valuable lessons! And when you know better, you do better.
Plus, all the effort you’ve put into social media thus far has built your reputation and created solid relationships with people across the board, from potential clients to enlightened peers.
So, regardless of what you learned this week – whether it has reinforced that you’re in the right place to attract clients or if you feel like you need to start from scratch on a new platform, spend some time this week journaling about everything you’ve learned from being on social media thus far and all the wonderful friends you’ve made.
Make a list of all the assets you’ve created from being on social media. Things like street cred, testimonials, 5-star ratings, friends, clients, etc. Think of this as the value of your brand. Even though you can’t cash it in today, all your efforts have been investments into your reliability, trustworthiness, consistency, learning experiences, adaptability and more!