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The Podcast is on hiatus while we build a different project.

We’ll announce it’s return on the Real To Ideal Facebook Page, so follow there for updates!

You can JOIN US LIVE to be part of the conversation, ask questions, share your perspective, agree, disagree, or anything else. The live broadcast takes place every Tuesday at 1pm PT/ 4pm ET/ 8pm BST on the Real To Ideal Marketing Facebook page. The purpose of this show is to open your mind and welcome you into the conversation so YOU can get bigger and bigger results in your impact-driven business and revolutionary thought leadership. Each week, I’ll bring a new topic to the show that shows you how to increase your IMPACT and INCOME. Topics like:

  • how to shed the masks that have helped you succeed in life but that are holding you back from growing a world-changing movement
  • how to use your marketing differently than everyone else so you STAND OUT and make a bigger difference – on the world and on your bank balance!
  • what (r)Evolutionary leadership is and how to use it
  • what enlightened marketing is and how to use it
  • why attracting the RIGHT people is more important than attracting MORE people
  • how to use social media effectively so you get bigger results with less effort

And more!

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  • The RIGHT Visibility For Your Brand And Business

    There are as many different types of online visibility as there are people online. So how do you know if you’re getting the right kind of visibility for your brand and business goals?

    In this week’s episode of the Real To Ideal Revolutionary Show, we look at different kinds of visibility, how to match them to your specific goals, and how to use different types of visibility for different stages of your marketing plan.

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  • The RIGHT Kind Of Visibility For Your Brand

    Are you getting results from your efforts and are you getting the desired results that you want from your efforts? If not, you may be VISIBLE on social media, but it’s not the kind of visibility that translates to your business goals. Watch this episode to learn the difference and see a difference in your biz!

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  • Story Marketing For Online Success

    In this episode, we continue our theme of tapping into your story for success, your U.S.P., and attracting ideal clients. We talk about how to look at your story for these keys to your success, why your audience cares about your story, and how to tell your story in a way that connects with your fans and helps position you as THE one and only person they want to hire.

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