Positioning That Pays Challenge ~ Day 5

Welcome to DAY 5!

We’re in the home stretch now! Rather than throw a new concept at you, we’re going to expand on what we discovered in Day 2. Because truly, this is the most powerful part of your story when it comes to attracting the RIGHT followers. Followers with similar values, goals, and dreams turn into soulmate clients. And the way to attract the right followers is to give them a powerful reason to follow you. A reason to say, “She’s the ONLY one I want to work with/buy from.”  Your USP is also a powerful way to get these same results, but it takes a bit of work to talk about your story in multiple places every single day.

But what I’m about to share with you takes very little effort and it helps your brand become MEMORABLE. And that’s priceless.


First: Watch the video (click here if you can’t see the video)


Next: Download the Day 5 PDF
(don’t forget to save the PDF to your computer before filling it out!)



Your INNER work for today is to listen to your heart. Go somewhere quiet, peaceful and comfortable. Someplace that speaks to your soul. This could be your patio, a local park, the beach or anywhere else that you can listen patiently to your heart and soul. Ask your heart/soul what message it is burning to share with the world? What are you violently excited about? What are you here to do? 


Your OUTER work for today is to post your tagline/message/manifesto in 5 different places including the Real To Ideal Superstars group.

You can Tweet your tagline, do a FB Live about how your vision influences your message, write an email to your list about the story behind this tagline/message/manifesto or anything else you feel inspired to do. ASK your audience to respond. Ask them if they agree, what their version of this is, how they’re making this come true in their world, or whatever feels like a good way to connect with them and encourage engagement over what you’re talking about.

I highly recommend using your top communication styles FIRST so you can boost your energy and leverage your communication style while boosting engagement!


If you have any questions at all or if you find yourself struggling with this, pop over to the group and let’s work on this together!


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