Get Ready For An Adventure!

I know what it’s like to be prepared for an adventure. I don’t go anywhere in real life without my Leatherman multi-tool. I love being able to see my strategy mapped out on my calendar so I can see where I’ll be at different stages of the game.

You need to be able to tackle anything life throws at ya!

Which is why I want to share more info about what you can expect from the 6 days of Positioning That Pays Challenge and how to get the most out of our 6 days together.

~ Online AND Offline ~

There are 2 exercises per day to help you attract ideal clients while you’re rocking this challenge:

  1. One is to help you dive deep into what’s best for YOU and your business
  2. And the other is to help you shine online

We’re going to look at what makes you different than everyone else in your industry, how you can position yourself as the expert, create unmistakable work and grow your following.


~ Immediate Results AND Long Term Support ~

2 benefits to completing all 6 days and submitting your proof before the deadline:

  1. You’ll start to see results immediately
  2. And you’ll be entered to win a FREE spot in the 6 month Real To Ideal Mastermind, designed to triple your income AND impact


~ And, 2 steps to get started ~


Step 1 – Join the Real To Ideal Superstars Facebook group

That’s where you’ll get massive support throughout this challenge and an opportunity to expand your reach to a new audience.


Step 2 – Your pre-challenge mission, should you choose to accept is to get clear on a few things:

3 Things To Get Clear On Before the Positioning That Pays Challenge


Are you noticing a theme? Real to Ideal is all about balance. I call it the Power of AND:


fun AND profits

income AND impact

work AND play

online AND offline

success AND freedom


It’s this balance that makes the Positioning That Pays different than any challenge you’ve ever started. It’s designed to help you FINISH, get RESULTS and blaze the best path for YOU!


See you in the Superstars FB group!