Sales Boost ~ Day Three

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Sales Boost

Day 3 ~ Extend your Reach

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I hope by now you’ve had a chance to let your hair down and have some fun on your chosen platforms!



Don’t get stuck feeling like you don’t know how to have fun on social media.

If you aren’t sure what to post, start with the list of ideas we gave you or just post videos of goats in pajamas for now.

The point isn’t to be perfect, the point is to simply get in the habit of doing.

Post something engaging every day. You can always post again with something more serious.

Today we’re going to switch the focus from your content to your reach.

Today’s lesson is all about how to get your brand in front of ideal clients and start a conversation with them.

Today is the MOST social tip you’ll get all week.

Which will be good news for the extroverts, maybe bad news for the introverts.

But here’s the good news for both sides ~ today’s tactic takes the pressure off of you to keep coming up with things to say.

Today you get to respond to conversations instead of starting them. Woohooo!!! 🥳

Dive into today’s PDF and learn how to be more social as a brand/business/influencer.

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Ya gotta HYDRATE TO DOMINATE, Superstar!


Refreshing and healthy? I’m in!


You now have a delicious, alcohol-free mojito that all of your friends will be dying to try!


The plus side?


This mocktail is incredibly delicious, and you can continue to live a healthy lifestyle by sticking to your clean-eating diet goals!


Skip all the extra calories while adding a bit of zip your taste buds will love.


In addition to hydration, this tasty treat also supports healthy body functions and can aid in weight loss.


🍓🍓 The juicy details: 🍓🍓


Strawberries are packed with antioxidants that assist in balancing blood sugars, decreasing oxidative stress, reducing LDL cholesterol and the risk of heart disease because of the power team of high fiber, vitamin C & folate.


Plus the anthocyanins relax the blood vessels, helping to lower blood pressure, further reducing the risk of heart disease.


Strawberries also contain salicylic acid, ellagic acid and alpha hydroxy acid, making them key for healthy skin.


(They’re often used in natural skin care products, and DIY facial masks for that reason.)


The antioxidants and anthocyanins also help fight free radicals which are believed to help prevent skin damage.


Mint improves circulation while assisting the body to better absorb nutrients by aiding digestion.


Mint has also been shown to be helpful in blocking the release of certain chemicals that aggravate nasal irritation due to seasonal allergies. It also aids in converting fat into usable energy.


🍸 While your mojito is chillin in the fridge, dive into today’s lesson and action steps to WOW your ideal clients and boost your summer sales.


Enjoy! 💗 Naomi