Sales Boost ~ Day Four

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Sales Boost

Day 4 ~ Get More YES

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A sales funnel is ANYTHING that exists between your social media posts and your sales pitch.


Whether your sales pitch happens on a sales page or during a sales call, the pitch is the end of your funnel.

Nearly all sales are made looong before that moment.

And what I mean by that is, your ideal client has already made a decision about buying from you before they reach the sales pitch.

“Hell NO’s” don’t show up for the sales pitch. They stop paying attention long before that.

When your ideal client reaches your sales pitch, they either can’t wait get their hands on your offer fast enough (straight to the sales page and clicks on the first button to buy)…

Or they’re on the fence with one foot stepping towards your offer and the sales pitch helps them overcome that final barrier to saying YES.

But make no mistake ~ by the time they reach this final step in your sales funnel, they’ve already decided to buy.

Which means the “energetic” sale happens much earlier.

The decision to buy happens early in your sales funnel.

Starting with the point where someone first finds you.
And their decision to engage/like/follow you.

That was your first sale with this person.

Now they want more. The want to get closer to solving this problem they struggle with.

They’re ready for a bigger sale. One that will turn them into a paying client.

Whatever you use to bring your ideal client off social media and warm them up for your sales pitch is your sales funnel.

And that’s what today’s lesson is about.

Following the action steps in today’s lesson will help you analyze your sales funnel to make sure it:

~ uses the least number of steps possible to get them results
~ overcomes most, if not all, objections before they reach the sales page/sales call
~ gives them a taste of what success feels like

Have FUN!!!

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Infused drinks are made by immersing fruits, vegetables, or herbs in cold water to release their nutrients.


They are primarily recommended for energy, cleansing, and cell hydration.


Water is an essential element of our biological makeup.


It maintains the healthy functioning of our body by flushing harmful toxins from the body.


Drinking enough water can aid in weight loss and promote healthy skin and nails.


Adding fruits or vegetables can elevate water’s potential to help keep not just our bodies, but our minds and souls healthy, as well.


Many people create combinations of detox water combination that appeal to their taste buds.


However, there are several fruits that, when immersed in cold water, provide excellent cellular hydration and improve the freshness of your appearance.


🍓🍓 The juicy details: 🍓🍓


Rhubarb is packed with nutrients and is one of the best vegetables for promoting overall physical health.


Rhubarb, when combined with apple, can help maintain bone and tissue health, reduce cholesterol levels, and promote a healthy heart.


Cinnamon is an effective herb to assist with weight loss and increase metabolism.


🍹 Pop that fruit water in the fridge to steep and dive into today’s PDF for your lesson and action steps.