Sales Boost ~ Day Five

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Sales Boost

Day 5 ~ The View From The Top

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Today we’re going to look at how all these pieces work together


AND how your ideal client flows through your funnel, gets hungry for more, and says YES to your offer.

With today’s lesson, you’ll be able to analyze each part of your funnel and see where the flow is running smoothly or where it jams up.

As always, if you have ANY questions at all, just post ’em in the group!

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This smoothie is power packed with nutrients that help reduce blood pressure and protect the heart, as well as provide amazing benefits to the skin.


In addition, avocado and cucumber are the bomb in assisting the body in staying hydrated!


🍓🍓 The juicy details: 🍓🍓


Peaches are packed with vitamins & minerals.


They help with maintaining good cardiac health & and balancing blood pressure.


A good source of vitamin C – which boosts your immune system and used by the body to build connective tissue – and Vitamin A.


The antioxidants found in peaches have been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects on the skin caused by UV-B exposure.


They also have photo-protective effects due to the flavanoids present.


The bottom line, they’re a great way to give your skin a boost!


Avocados have more potassium than bananas, which helps to function in the body as electrolytes.


This is especially important during hot summer months in keeping you hydrated.


Ginger lowers LDL and raises HDL cholesterol levels in the body, making it a great addition to this heart healthy drink.


“Cool as a cucumber” really is a thing!


Foods have either warming or cooling properties, based on how they act in the body.


Cucumbers cool the body, which acts as a respite for an overheated system when the summer heat gets to be too much.


🍹 Whip up this smoothie and then sip it while you dive into today’s lesson and action steps.


Enjoy! 💗 Naomi

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Content Ideas



Here’s a list of ways you can create engaging social media posts that help you bond with your ideal client and boost the engagement on your posts. You might get crickets at first, but if you keep at it, you WILL see results!


Something to keep in mind when creating these kinds of posts ~ you can be social and keep it on-brand at the same time. The key is to talk about the “lifestyle” your ideal client is experiencing. Not just the topic you specialize in, but the whole experience ~ mental, spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual. If you help business owners do a specific thing, your social media should be about the whole experience of running a business. Not just that one specific thing you teach. This list of ideas will help you do that, but it’s your job to keep it on-brand. 😎


👉 The quickest and easiest way to get started is to simply ask an engaging question!
What makes a question engaging?
  • It’s a question that focuses on who you’re speaking to and what THEY want to talk about.
  • It doesn’t sound like market research.
  • It’s easy to answer ~ doesn’t take a lot of thought or deep introspection, can be answered quickly in a few sentences.
  • It’s not embarrassing to answer ~ don’t ask a question that focuses on what your people are struggling with or suffering from. Focus on what they want to brag about or celebrate.


👉 Tie in current events, holidays, or seasons.
For example, ask them about how they like to spend their summer vacation, what’s their favorite tool for tax season, what have they pledged to give up for Plastic-Free July, etc.


👉 Let’s look at some examples you can tweak to match YOUR message and audience.
Let’s say your biz is focused on running. You help women reach their running goals so they can run marathons or something like that.