Sample Module From Spirited Solopreneur Success Kit

Check out this sample module from the DIY program – Spirited Solopreneur Success Kit.  If you want more of this, check out the full program deets here.


We’re exactly halfway through the Spirited program and this week you will start to see how all these pieces fit together into a strategy.  So let’s talk about being consistent and creating a cohesive message.

You actually have very little control over how people perceive you, your business and your brand. Your brand lives in the minds of those who encounter it. You can try to influence how people perceive it, but in the end, the beholder has the last say in what your brand communicates.

The number one tool you have, to determine how people feel about your brand, what they think about it, etc. is CONSISTENCY.

Your brand is reinforced every time you show up consistently – with a message that matches your previous post, with colors and themes that are consistent with every other time your audience has seen you.


Consistency creates your brand in the minds of your potential clients. It also builds trust.  [Click to Tweet that!]  It’s nearly impossible to trust someone who’s inconsistent. If you had no idea if a friend was going to be on time for a coffee date, no idea if they’d show up at all, would you trust them to pay the bill? Would you go ahead and order coffee and a snack, knowing you had $0 on you to pay for it, if your friend had flaked on you more than once before? No, probably not! Your audience isn’t much different. Fail to show up when you said you would and they stop listening. Show up sporadically and they’ll get confused. You could post your most amazing idea ever and your audience may not even recognize you, maybe even attribute it to someone else!

Remember in Module 3 when we talked about promise points? Whatever promises you’re making to your audience ­ whether it be in your sales copy or your FB posts, whether it be explicit or implied ­- you need to live up to it every time. Those promise points become the consistency in your brand and they help you stand out by delivering something your competition doesn’t.

So consistency matters.

In this world of information overload, consistency helps people pay attention to you, to hear you over all the other noise.

When you’re first starting out (and especially during this month of experimenting and exploring yourself, your message and your audience) you won’t be very consistent while you’re trying new things and figuring this stuff out. That’s ok. That’s to be expected. But your goal should be to find that sweet spot in your brand and message and then be consistent with it.

So here’s how we’re going to build consistency into your message for the long game: we’re going to create a filter that you’ll run all your content through before you publish it, to make sure it fits the consistent image you’re trying to convey.

So think about everything you’ve worked on thus far and let’s distill it down to the very essence. What do you want to be known for? What is your specific niche? What does your biz stand for? What are your business values? What makes you unique? How do you want your audience to feel after interacting with your biz? What do you want them to do after reading one of your posts? What results will they experience after working with you? What results do you want them to experience after scrolling through your biz page?

In the workbook, we’re going to wrap all this up into a filter for all your copy to be run through before publishing. 

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Here’s to your CONSISTENT Success!!
Real To Ideal