Thank YOU Superstar!


I’m SO excited to start working with you, this is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!

My robot army is hard at work, creating the systems we’ll need to work together.  Sometime during the next business day (Monday-Thursday), you’ll receive an invitation from Satori to digitally sign your coaching contract and also to book your first coaching session.  Please choose a time when you can focus without interruptions.  Each session is one-hour long but I recommend blocking out additional time on your calendar after each session to process what we discussed.  We’ll meet via Zoom (link will be in the welcome email).

Be on the lookout for the Welcome Email, it will hit your inbox within 48 hours MAX.  This email will include a link to your New Client Questionnaire/Workbook.  Please fill that out at your earliest convenience.  If you don’t see it, check the junk folder. If you still don’t see it, please PM me on FB or email me:

[email protected]

In the meantime:

If you’re not already part of our inner circle, I’d love for you to join the FB group Real To Ideal Superstars and introduce yo’ bad self. If you have a biz page/website/blog make sure you share the link with us so we can send some traffic your way.  It’s an amazing community, unlike any other group I know of and you’ll get continued support, trainings, Q&A sessions and more, long after our work together has ended.

You don’t need to join this group to work together, but it WILL help you get the best results out of our time together.  It’s an incredibly safe and supportive place to play, practice, experiment and try new things that you’re not ready to share with the public just yet.


That’s it for now!

I can’t wait to watch your business blossom and your movement thrive!