The VIP Days Are Booked Solid Through Next Month!

I’m SOOOO sorry!!! It looks like the VIP Days are booked up for this month and next month.

You’re welcome to book a VIP Day for a future date, I just didn’t want you to ante up the money and then find out we can’t do this right away.  Coz I’m thoughtful like that!  :)  
If you’re interested in a future VIP Day, go ahead and buy it now and I’ll put you at the top of the list for the next few months.  We can schedule the strategy call anytime between now and then.

If paypal brought you to this page again after trying to book a VIP Day for future months, that means I’m all booked up for 4 months straight!  If that’s the case, check out 1:1 coaching with me.  We can work something out that’s similar to a VIP Day.  I got ya, love.  We’ll fix this.  :D



You might also want to check out the Spirited Solopreneur Success Kit in the meantime.  It’s a month-long D.I.Y. program I run a few times a year that helps you attract clients, ROCK your social media strategy and show up online consistently and authentically to grow your following and sell out your own products and services.

Spirited Solopreneur Success Kit

Or, if it’s coaching you’re interested in, let’s chat!  I have a variety of different coaching options available at different prices to fit almost any budget.  Let’s meet over Skype and see if there’s a way we can work together.

Go here to learn more about 1:1 coaching with me

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