Email – Overcome fears and create a new comfort zone

I know it’s February, but I’m still excited about all the possibility the new year brings!

And I’ve been thinking a lot about goals, habits, and being ready for the things we say we want.

More and more, I hear people saying, “I’m READY for abundance. I’m READY for my next high-ticket client. I’m READY for my first 10k month!”

You’ve done the mindset work, detangled your money issues, mastered your craft, and you ARE ready for bigger things!

But is your business ready? Is your business set up to handle these things you’re asking for? Right now, do you have a system to onboard a high-ticket client that will make them feel happy and relieved that they’ve invested in you? Or is your system clumsy and depending on you to be awake and at your computer when it’s time to send the Welcome email?

Are you ready to show up online as the bright and shining leader who attracts 10k a month? Can you handle the amount of client work that comes with that many clients?

It’s ok if you think, “If I made 10k this month, I’d hire a VA to help me handle the load.” Awesome! Which VA would you hire tomorrow if the money came in?

Totally OK if you don’t have this stuff in place yet. Growing your business is a process and the most successful businesses are built on a strong foundation. In my experience, a foundation that lasts is built carefully over time, not overnight.

Here’s my recipe for success:

(I have lots of recipes for success, depending on the situation… This is my recipe for this particular situation.)

Step 1: Get clear on what you want
Step 2: Make a list of things needed to receive what you want. In business, this means a list of what your biz needs to handle that success
Step 3: Create the habits that are going to help you become that successful person you’re growing into. Successful people are created by successful habits.
Step 4: Repeat those habits until you reach the level of success you’re working towards.
Step 5: Return to step 1 and repeat for the next level of success you want.

Want to dive into this idea more and see how I do this in my own business? Check out this week’s blog post which is all about how I made myself get comfortable on live video (when in reality I’m INCREDIBLY shy!!) by making HABIT the new comfort zone:

How to create a comfort zone for your biggest fears

This post also shows how I’m using the same lessons this week as I join the live studio audience for Tara Gentile’s class on CreativeLive that will be livestreamed across the globe AND recorded for people to watch for years to come!

New level of fear. Conquered by old habits.

YOU can do this too! YOU can reach your next level of success with the right habits. YOU can create a comfort zone out of your own fears.

If you feel like you need help with this, just hit reply. I personally answer every single email.

Here’s to your GROWING Success!!


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