Email ~ Getting results is NOT about how hard you hustle! [10/17/17]

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Hi Superstar!

First of all, thanks for being here! I LOVE that you open these emails and spend a few minutes with me every week. I know how busy you are, so it’s quite an honor that you make time for this!

I also recognize that you’re here because you want to succeed. You want to learn what you need to learn to get bigger, better results, without the hustle. ​​I remember painfully well what it’s like to show up fiercely everyday, doing all the right things and not reaching your income goals. That was exactly what I did for my first few year in business!

It’s tempting to think you can figure this out on your own (of course you can!) Unfortunately, many businesses go out of business before they figure out what works.

I tried everything – working harder, getting up earlier, living outside my comfort zone, meditation, energy clearings, endless online courses, EVERYTHING!  But working more didn’t help any better than working less. What I needed was the right strategy to get results. Which, it turns out, was less work in the long run. But only after you focus on the right things.


For the next few weeks, I’m going to show you, step-by-step, how to set yourself up for success. (Follow the Real To Ideal Facebook page for ALL the pieces.)


​Getting results in your business comes from setting things up the right way for YOU and then focusing on the tasks that make money.

​​Activities that connect you with soulmate clients and guide them gently + authentically towards working together.

With the exception of client work itself, everything else is just busy work. And busy work is what keeps you feeling like a hamster on a wheel. Hustling and hustling and hustling until you’re dizzy, but no closer to getting out of the cage than when you started.

When you know better, you do better.

  • When you know how to create content that converts, you don’t struggle to find clients – clients find you!
  • When your message, brand, and business are clear, focused and easy to describe, it’s easier to know what to work on, easier to promote, and easier for people to tell their friends about you.
  • And you never stress about launching or promoting your work again!

This isn’t a bunch of B.S. where a 6-figure-a-month diva tells you how easy it is to run a business (when you have a massive team, massive revenue, massive ad spend, like her…)

This is me, showing you how to streamline things so YOU can see clearly, speak clearly, and stand out from the noise.

Because when YOU rise, we all rise. And this world NEEDS more enlightened leadership!

Ready to build your biz on your bliss and ditch the hustle, for reals?

Join me for another live training tomorrow at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ and 7pm London time on the Real To Ideal FB page:


Not only will I be broadcasting from my “other” office – my fave co-working space and home away from home (with the best affogatos you’ve EVER tasted, yummmmmm!), I’m also going to show you:

🗺️ how to use the mind map exercise I shared with you last week to distill your amazing business down to a clear brand phrase

⚗️ and how that in turn helps you craft a clear & captivating message

💰 and then how to break that message down into different posts to help you attract soulmate clients, convert them into die-hard fans, and sell them on working with you.

🎡 All while you lounge next to that rusting hamster wheel and enjoy your favorite beverage.


As always, this will be a no-pitch, no B.S., 100% value live training:

Real To Ideal Facebook page


There IS a better way, and I’m going to show you how to make it work for you!

Here’s to your Clear & Captivating Success!!​​​​


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