Email ~ You’re Awesomeness Is Your Key To HUGE Success

Hi there!

My original plan for today’s email was to send you a roundup of this week’s best content to help you boost your biz. Not just from Real To Ideal but from everyone I follow too, so you can truly benefit from having a marketing nerd for a bff!

Well, Gmail implemented new rules this week and one of them says that any email with more than 2 links will go straight to the Spam pile.

As soon as I read that, 2 things came to mind:

1. So much for the roundup email I had planned!
2. Ooooh, I love a challenge!!


This attitude, combined with the fact that things are constantly changing in our industry, is what inspired the Obstacle Into Opportunity series ~ a new weekly theme of how we can turn these constraints into superpowers.

So, instead of the weekly roundup emails every Friday, I’ll just send you a love letter, pep talk, weekend warrior inspiration, or some other awesome sauce to brighten your day and help you end the week on a high note.

As for keeping up with all things Real To Ideal (especially the things that boost your biz!), I’ll post that on the FB biz page every Friday instead.

To make sure you SEE that post every Friday, “Like” the Real To Ideal Success Coaching page and then change the notifications to “See First” so that FB actually delivers the posts to your newsfeed.

the Real To Ideal biz page​​ on FB

It’s ALL value and ALL relevant to growing a world-changing biz, creating a stand-out brand, and attracting soulmate clients with less effort and more FUN!! So you won’t be disappointed by what shows up in your feed.

You’ll also find the weekly Obstacles Into Opportunities post on that page every Tuesday and next week’s theme is definitely going to be about the recent Gmail changes.


Now, to end on a high note, and give you the love and value you deserve, here’s my heartfelt letter to you:

YOU are completely unique. No one else has had the same experiences, childhood, lessons, relationships, hardships, victories, talents, and skills that you’ve had.

No one else has the unique combination of personality, energy, skills, talents, resources, and superpowers that you have right now.

Which means there really isn’t anyone else in your field who can do what you do.

There is NO competition when you show up as your true authentic self!

And when you show up authentically, you attract clients who truly light YOU up. And when your clients inspire you, you do your best work. And then THEY get the best results.

So being your authentic self actually improves EVERY aspect of your business!

This is your homework for today, this weekend, next week, and forever:

How can you be just a little more YOU online today? How can you bring just 1% more of your offline awesomeness to your online presence?

And 1% more than that the next day? And 1% more the day after that?

There’s no expectation for you to be 100% right away. Just lean into it and take it one step at a time.

Because when you do that, your results get bigger, better, more exciting, and more rewarding.

And EVERYTHING works out!

Go forth and be YOU today!


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