3 Steps To Content That Gets The Right Attention

Want help creating posts that stop your ideal clients mid-scroll and get them paying attention to how awesome you are?

You just need 3 things, but I’ll warn ya, these 3 things aren’t something you woke up today just knowing…



You already have the personality! But it’s buried beneath layers of formulaic posts that make you come across like a monotone physics teacher. Loosen up! Let your freak flag fly! With all the tools available these days, there’s no excuse for boring-ass posts that your peeps can’t stay awake for!

Use video, gifs, images, cuss words, whatever it takes to let them feeeeeeeeel ya.

Let your personality shine through!

But most importantly, be yourself, whatever that is. You don’t need to be charming, peppy, enthusiastic, exciting, happy, or anything that’s not your normal offline self. The way you are with your friends is how you need to be online. If you don’t have any friends offline, then maybe you are too pessimistic, boring, or unpleasant to be around (but even that’s unlikely!) If your friends like you just the way you are, your target audience will too.


A CLEAR message

I literally cringe every time I see a health coach post about business tips or a business coach post about exercise. YES, your audience might benefit from those things too, but it’s making it really hard to remember what your specialty is! You CAN talk about different things, but make sure it’s clear to your audience how this relates to your one thing.

What do I do? I help mission driven businesses and leaders increase their impact and income. What do I talk about? Enlightened marketing tactics to grow your movement so you can enjoy bigger impact and income.

EVERY post is about growing your following with marketing tactics that help you stand out as the bright and shining superstar you are. I don’t talk about exercise or mindset or leadership skills. (If you work with me, we might incorporate all those things, but I’m not confusing my message by posting about them!)

I do post about your message, standing out from the noise, getting in front of your ideal client when and where they’re ready to buy, shining your brightest online, and all the ingredients of a powerful marketing strategy that authentically gets results. It always relates back to the enlightened marketing tactics to grow your movement so you can enjoy bigger impact and income.

Now it’s your turn. What is your one core message and how can you talk about the ingredients of that core message without confusing your ideal clients?


If you need help with this part, grab your free copy of the Clear & Captivating Message Workbook here


An enlightened marketing strategy

Following the formula that worked for so many experts last year isn’t going to get results this year.

Audiences get wiser every year and they burn out on tactics they’ve seen a million times. Lucky for you, what’s working this year is throwing all the tactics away and showing up as an authentic person who wants to make a difference in the world!

But even then, it’s easy to get sucked into the formula or waste time on things that aren’t working. You need a strategy that’s going to get in front of the RIGHT people, at the right time, with the right offer.

You have powerful gifts! And there are people who are THRILLED to pay for the transformations you can help them get! You just need to get in front of them, get their attention, and deliver value they can experience for themselves.

It’s a little trickier than the know, like, and trust that worked so well in 2015. It takes a little more personality than it did in 2016. It requires more giving and less asking than what worked in 2017. But when it’s done right, it feels effortless, fun, and overflowing with integrity.

What do ya think? Ready to let the real you shine through and attract soulmate clients? Ready to let that light shine brightly and be as badass online as you are offline?

What can you do today to rock this? What scares you and makes you want to go find a different solution that feels less intimidating?



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3 thoughts on “3 Steps To Content That Gets The Right Attention”

  1. Yeeek you’re right Mollie, I tend to go off topic. If I really do strategy and setup and marketing roadmap, I should stick to that content. But I tend to veer toward encouragement posts and not necessarily strategy and launching subjects. I wonder why that is? Maybe I don’t trust my own expertise? Or maybe I’m overthinking how much to give for free.

    • Oooh, very interesting Rochelle! There’s certainly nothing wrong with encouragement posts, but even encouragement posts need some kind of action step, next step, or tie-in. Perhaps all you need to do is show how the encouragement posts tie-in to the content you originally roadmapped and take them to an action/strategy post as a next step?
      Of course, it’s also good to trust your intuition, if you think this might be a sign of a deeper mindset issue. So check the mindset hint you’re getting, and take action to tie your content together so that you can have both the intended content and the inspired content work together. Make sense?


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