Email – Ready For The Anti-Hype Movement? [01/23/18]

Hi Superstar!

I’m going to let you see what happens when I hit a slump in my business. Right here, right now. This is how I pick myself up again and keep moving towards the dream I KNOW is as real as the blood in my veins… So stick with me here!

I’m pissed off at what’s happening in our industry. (The online industry.) The industry that markets to mission-driven, heart-centered dreamers who have a huge vision for the world and who trusted the snake oil peddlers when they promised their online course/strategy/sales funnel/training would position you for instant success, passive income and a million raving fans.

6-figures in 30 days. 10X your email list in 2 weeks. Passive income while you sleep.

If the marketing was really that cheesy, it wouldn’t be so bad. We all know how to avoid blatant hype. I’m talking about the FB ads, the Leadpages and the Clickfunnels that have spoken our language – the language of changing the world and righting wrongs and healing each other so that we can each shine our brightest and move mountains to unlock our true potential – they’ve used our language and sold us the DREAM but then delivered a series of shoddy youTube videos from 5 years ago with tactics that haven’t worked since 2008.

It was enough to make me want to hurl.
And then it made me want to give up.

Because I’m seeing these so-called experts get richer and richer, even when their clients aren’t getting results. I’m seeing those sales funnels suck in new people like a vacuum cleaner and spit out money for the person behind it, while earnest and hard-working business owners go broke.

And with all that money coming in, they can afford 20X the FB ad spend that I can. They can afford the fancy photoshoots and the luxury retreats to keep that glamour going. They can afford to keep flipping freebies into tripwires into outrageously expensive online products.

How can I possibly compete with that?

How can I – full of integrity and authenticity – compete with the online equivalent of Exxon?

It was enough to make me want to give up.
But I couldn’t. I just don’t have it in me to cave in. I didn’t even last one day.
Sure, I felt defeated and discouraged. But I knew I wasn’t the only one seeing this. I knew I couldn’t be the only one feeling outraged. And pissed off!

I know I’m not the only one who wants to see this change. Who wants to see the givers receive more than the takers. And to see collaboration outperform competition.

I’m convinced that the entire online industry has had enough of this B.S. Enough of the hype.
I’m feeling a shift in the marketplace and I want to be part of the nudge that pushes it over the edge.

I’m here to PROVE that there’s room for authenticity to be profitable. That we don’t have to exaggerate in order to book clients. That we don’t have to promise the moon and deliver a rock in order to survive. I’m here to show everyone a better way.
The Anti-HYPE Way.

And just as I was picking myself off the floor and dusting myself off, trying to find the energy for another uphill climb, I heard something that changed everything.

It was part of a podcast called I L❤VE Marketing (episode #302 to be exact) with Ben Altadonna as the guest speaker and he said something that blew my mind wide open.

To paraphrase, he said that by playing small, I’m adding credibility to those “gurus.”

That it doesn’t matter who’s been in business longer, whose products are superior or who’s making false claims – as long as I’m not stepping up to play on the same field as them, I’m letting them win.


It’s TRUE! I’m letting them dominate this niche because I’m not offering a desirable alternative! I’m not showing up in those newsfeeds with my beautiful message, I’m not doing live videos from my fabulous life, I’m not letting my fans pick the color of my new whatever…

By playing small, I’m not there for all those people who don’t know any better.

I’m not taking the blame, or adding a ton of pressure to myself. I’m simply seeing this with new eyes.

I NEED to step up if I want to be the change I want in the world.

It sounds so obvious, but to truly feel it with every strand of DNA in your body is something else entirely.

And so that’s what I want to share with you today Superstar. We all have our moments. We all have our cranky, uncomfortable upleveling to do.

But the world really does need you to step it up. To stop playing small. The world really wants an alternative to the B.S. but it can’t find you.

So I’m asking you to make a pact with me today. Plant your flag right here, right now and agree that you are going to stand tall and be SEEN. That you’re going to let EVERYONE know what you do and how you can help!!

Start by leaving a comment here. ⬇⬇⬇ Tell me who you are, what you do and how you help your ideal clients!


Because it takes ALL of us to make a difference.


Here’s to your BRIGHTLY SHINING Success!!


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