You Can’t Change The World If Everyone Clicks Away

When most people think about marketing, they think about sales, brand awareness, client attraction, reach, and conversions.

That’s the old way of thinking.

It’s ok to think that. That’s been the dominant (inescapable) message of the last decade.

But it’s stale.

It measures the quantity of traffic, not the quality. It measures click-throughs and sales, not referrals, raving testimonials, and repeat business.

Sure, we still measure success in every campaign we create, every social media strategy, and every SEO plan we map out.

We look at the numbers on the spreadsheet and then dig deeper into what they mean. We use buyer psychology to build trust, belief, and connection between you and your audience so we can increase your impact AND your income.

Because every number on that spreadsheet represents an amazing human being. Someone who needed your help and either got it when they signed up, or missed out on it when they clicked away.

You can’t change the world if everyone clicks away.

Enlightened marketing for revolutionary leaders increases your impact AND income so you make the world a better place.

The Paradigm-Shift Happening Right Now In The Marketing World

That’s why I’m so excited about the massive shift we’re seeing in the marketing world. A world being remade by authenticity, quality over quantity, and customer experience.

This is a world made for rebels, revolutionaries, badasses, warrioresses, witches, and freqs, because it’s so incredibly honest.

We’re tearing down the walls that separate us and spreading wildflower seeds across empty parking lots.

Like guerilla gardeners transform an abandoned lot into a garden, conscious marketers transform oversaturated online space into thriving communities.

Communities that attract your soulmate clients like butterflies to wildflowers. Communities where your business is seen as a conversation starter.

Your business gives them something to believe in.

Something bigger.

Your marketing has the power to inspire your followers to want more for themselves. It has the power to change the world.

Why waste it on boring promo posts, old fashioned email marketing tactics, and icky sales pitches?

If you’ve ever wanted to burn the padded bras and graffiti over the dewy wet look of every plastic Instagram influencer…
Or key the doors of those exotic cars that beg to divulge who they ran over to achieve that success…

Then conscious marketing is for YOU.

Because conscious marketing is all about authenticity. It’s marketing that makes the world a better place for everyone. It’s marketing that matters to your audience and gets them thinking.

It inspires your followers to think differently and dream BIGGER.

Position Yourself As The Leader Of The Pack

Enlightened marketing isn’t new, but it’s enjoying a resurgence.

And this opens a huge opportunity for businesses, thought leaders, and influencers who want something more meaningful.

The future of digital marketing is stepping off the pages and becoming a multi-dimensional experience.
Your audience is part of that experience. Their conversations, on and offline, become your marketing.

You can influence those conversations, be part of them, and lead them.

Conscious marketing deepens your relationship with your audience and turns them into brand ambassadors who carry your flag over to their social media and share it with everyone they know.

Your message is spread to every corner of the planet by the same people who line up to buy from you.

It’s your time to shine.

Because the longer you keep quiet, the longer the greedy money-chasers continue to drain your soulmate clients and keep them small too.

It’s time to RISE UP and be recognized as the (r)Evolutionary leader your people are searching for!

And your timing is perfect, because the ashes of those businesses who are starting to crash and burn are fertilizing the soil where you’re throwing those wildflower seeds.

Conscious marketing plants the garden so the butterflies come to you.

Ready to transform your marketing, deepen your connection with soulmate clients, and create content that changes the world?

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