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The key to growing your impact and income is building relationships with your followers and potential customers – commonly known as relationship marketing. A lot of people think relationship marketing is hard or expensive because it needs to feel like a personal, one-to-one exchange. But, with all the tools we have available for free and cheap these days, there’s really no excuse for not using marketing to deepen the relationship you have with your audience.

Let’s look at what next-level enlightened marketing can do for YOUR (r)Evolutionary business!

Now, this is just ONE way to use the tools we have available with integrity and authenticity. If you want to find the strategy that works best for your biz (and feels the most authentic and FUN for you!) get in touch. In the meantime, swipe this strategy and make it your own.

Swipe This Sales Funnel Strategy

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a sales funnel I created for a client that’s bringing a steady stream of ideal members into her group program. I’ve tweaked it slightly to make it easier for you to swipe and start using in YOUR business:

  •  Create a blog post that helps your ideal clients get a result in the area you specialize in. Make sure this post speaks directly to where they are when they’re ready to solve the problem you solve. Answer the questions they’re searching for on Google/Pinterest/youTube/etc.

🦋 Stand out tip – this should be really FUN for you! If you don’t like the way you’re currently creating content, stop what you’re doing and play with what lights you up. Love making videos and hate typing? No problem, do videos instead! Upload them to youTube and then embed them in a blog post. You don’t have to do any extra typing except for the headline. Whatever you create, it should light you up so you look forward to doing it again.

  •  Install the Facebook pixel on your site and make sure it’s set up to see the people who visit this particular blog post.
  •  Bring traffic to that post using the methods you’re ready for. You can use Google ads, Facebook ads, promoting it organically on Pinterest, in FB groups, or whatever you normally use to drive traffic to your posts. (If you’re not sure how to get traffic to your posts, we can fix that too!)
  •  Then, create a Facebook ad to retarget the people who saw the blog post on your site. Not just any ad though! Use this opportunity to build a relationship with your audience. Ask them what they thought of it or what changes they noticed after using your method. Ask them to celebrate their win by dropping a gif in the comments that shows how they feel about it. Or ask them what else they’d like help with, now that they’ve achieved results in this one area. The goal of this ad is to start a conversation with this person who saw your blog post, so ask questions! Encourage them to leave a comment that continues the conversation.

🦋 Stand out tip – think of this as a post on your personal page, not an ad. Talk to the person who sees it like they’re a friend and you’re happy to see them. Drop the formality and industry jargon, just relax and be yourself. Your audience will notice the difference and will feel more compelled to interact.

  •  Create a new ad to retarget the people who engaged with your first ad (an ad that’s delivered only to those who liked/reacted/commented on the first ad), and offer them the next step. Maybe this time it’s a freebie they can opt-into or a webinar they can attend. Use this opportunity to exchange info with them. Get their email address. Not because it helps you fill your email list with new subscribers, but because people who invest something at this stage are more likely to be interested in buying from you. (And yes, sharing their email with you is a type of investment!)

🦋 Stand out tip – you can increase conversions at this stage by using Facebook messenger instead of sending them off Facebook to a landing page. Which means more people will take the next step, but it doesn’t weed out people who aren’t willing to take that extra action. So choose which one is more important to you – number of people who take the next step (like attend your webinar) or number of people who prove they’re worthy of the next step by making a bigger commitment (clicking off FB and then entering their email).


Now you have a small list of highly interested fans who actually want and need what you’re offering!


Not only is this a sensible sales funnel, but (when used right) it deepens the relationship between you and your audience because it feels personal and high-touch.

This type of enlightened marketing works because it gives you the opportunity to build relationships and take those relationships deeper with each step. By the time you offer what you’re selling, you’re no longer pitching it to the masses and you’re not trying to sell from a FB post or ad. Instead, you’re selling to people who genuinely care about what you’re offering and would rather by from you than anyone else who comes along with a similar offer.

My favorite version of this sales funnel is to capture their attention on Google (in the search results) when they’re actively searching for a solution and then retarget them with a Facebook ad to start a conversation with them. This feels sooooo good because you know they found you right when they really wanted a solution (they were literally Googling for a solution!) and the process feels so genuine and organic.

If you feel like you’re not ready for this level of paid-advertising yet, that’s totally ok too. Stick around and I’ll share more ideas about free, organic promotion that gets results in an authentic way. 

Again, this is just one of many ways you can implement Element #7 of the Enlightened Marketing for Revolutionary Businesses eBook.

The key to any marketing strategy is to play around until you find the methods that light you up and feel fun!

Because the more fun you have with your marketing, the more you’ll do it, and the more you do it, the more you’ll attract dreamy clients and make sales!


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Questions about this sales funnel or how to tweak it for your unique situation? Comment below, I’m always happy to help a purpose-driven business succeed!

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