Fiona Tate: Valties & Our Legacy Without Children [Podcast Interview]

In this week’s episode, we had a delightful and inspiring chat with Fiona Tate, Founder of the Women Without Children Loving The World movement!


In the 3 years I’ve known Fiona, I’ve seen her step out of her shell (from a profile pic that was a drawing of vampire fangs) and show up bigger and brighter with each month.

This week alone she was a guest, not only on the Real To Ideal Revolutionary Podcast, but she was also a live guest in the We Are Worthy Summit.

In this episode, Fiona and I chat about how she found the courage to step out of her shell and get visible, how she integrated her WHY into her copywriting business, and how she’s revolutionizing how we talk to, and look at women without children – in our families, in the workplace, and in ourselves.

Fiona coined a term for women who aren’t parents – VALTIE – that describes us in a way that doesn’t label us as less than: Child-less, without children, non-moms, etc.

And of course, we discuss the impact this out-dated language has on women and how Fiona is forwarding evolution + making the world a better place for everyone by raising awareness around this topic and helping women rise together.


For anyone building a movement, a following, and/or a business that will change the world, here are the key takeaways of this episode:

We discussed the importance of integrating your WHY into your message, marketing, and branding  to boost your success instead of reducing it

The power of showing up as your true authentic self and owning your power as a woman

Leading with your VISION for the world is what attracts die-hard fans and followers

Letting your passion fire you up and lead you in the right direction



Here are the links we mention during the show:

Fiona’s pdf about managing family and friends
Fiona’s website
If you’d like to hear more from Countess Dru

And please feel free to message Fiona, she’s always happy to talk to smart, talented, women!


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