How To Turn Frustration Into Success

It’s time to burn the boats and go all in and TAKE that gorgeous success for yourself! But something is holding you back. Something wants to keep you small. Something is making you feel frustrated and anxious about the success of your next launch or next sales call.

Your protective subconscious mind has a job to do – to keep you on the path it thinks will protect you.


If you’ve had a paycheck your whole life and now you’re building a business that you KNOW is going to thrive and prosper – but at this moment your business is bringing in less money than the paycheck used to – then your subconscious mind is going to try to convince you to give up and go back to a paycheck.

Even if your mind and your heart KNOW that this business is the path to set you FREE and allow you to reach your highest potential, your subconscious only knows what it has already experienced. And if you haven’t experienced consistent big income months, it’s going to go into mama bear mode and try to push you back into a J.O.B.

By ANY means necessary.


Which often shows up as negative self talk – this sucks, this isn’t working, everyone else has figured it out but I’m still struggling, I’m a loser, I’m not cut out for this, I want it so bad but this isn’t working, my last launch barely got any sign ups at all and I worked my ass off for that so why should this one be any different… 😰

See how the subconscious brings up the past and throws it in your face? 😤

Because your mind and heart are the visionaries. Your subconscious only knows the past. (or I don’t know, maybe it knows other stuff too but it only seems to focus on the past, amiright?)

So, we have to use our mind and heart to overpower and/or trick the subconscious mind into shutting up and supporting us. 🤫

It’s a lot like convincing our spouse or family to stop the “well-meaning” but negative advice and start being supportive.

How To Get Your Subconscious On Board For Success

You start by showing that you’re not giving up and you’re not going back to a J.O.B. “Burn the boats” as they say (when warriors landed on enemy shores, they’d command their men to burn the boats. It was either victory or die here, there was no going back.) ⛵⛵⛵

As long as your subconscious thinks there’s a backup plan, it will keep pulling on your arm like a 5-year-old who doesn’t want to leave Disneyland and it will do it’s best to pull you away from that risky road of success.

It’s time to burn the boats baby! Show that stubborn voice that this is IT. This is the path to ultimate freedom and you’re going to lean all of your weight and wisdom into it. You WILL succeed, but not until your subconscious gets on board.

Not making the money to prove it to yourself yet? Spend some time reliving all the awesomeness you’ve experienced since you started this business.

💰💰 Money isn’t the only currency! 💰💰

– How many people have invested their time in your free offers?
– How many people have shared their email addresses with you?
– How many people have attended your livestreams or watched the replay?

If you have testimonials, read them! Bask in the memories of how awesome it was to see that person get results from you and how much joy they were experiencing as they wrote that!

There’s proof in this world that other people believe in you and this proof is what your subconscious needs to see, hear, and feel to get on board with your heart and mind.

If you think of your subconscious as someone who only understands what has already happened, then you’ll take the time to remind it of all the good times and SHOW it how this is leading up to financial proof too.

Now It’s Your Turn

What do you think? Does this sound doable?

It’s time to burn the boats and go all in and TAKE that gorgeous success for yourself!! Let NOTHING slow you down, especially not your own self!

Do this today (and everyday) and prove to every part of yourself that THIS is your destiny and there’s no going back!

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