• Maria Hinton ~ For Philanthropy & Generosity In Business

    Maria Hinton is an absolutely amazing human being, an inspiring (and powerfully effective) coach, a generous philanthropist, and a high caliber (r)Evolutionary leader. Maria continues to inspire me, even years after working with her. She stands tall as someone who walks her talk, who has reached that upper level of success with integrity and authenticity. […]

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  • Lacey Sites ~ For Her Innovative Business Model In The Coaching Industry

    Real To Ideal would like to celebrate (r)Evolutionary Leader Lacey Sites and her business A Lit Up Life for changing the coaching industry with a whole new business model she calls A Lit Up Partnership. 🎊🎊🎊🎉🎉🎉 CONGRATULATIONS LACEY!!! 👑🦄 At a time when coaches were charging record high prices that many struggling businesses can’t afford […]

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  • How To Turn Frustration Into Success

    If you’ve had a paycheck your whole life and now you’re building a business that you KNOW is going to thrive and prosper – but at this moment your business is bringing in less money than the paycheck used to – then your subconscious mind is going to try to convince you to give up and go back to a paycheck. Here’s what to do about it.

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  • Impact AND Income – The Power of AND

    Why choose when you can have both?  The power of AND came up multiple times this week during my coaching calls.  This idea that we’ve separated parts of our self and our businesses and it’s time to integrate them in a holistic way with the power of AND.  Not to mention, its ability to give […]

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  • Plan Your Way To An Ideal New Year

    Why do we start each January with enough fire to launch a rocket into space but run out of fuel before February 1st and how can we create goals we’ll actually stick to all year?

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  • How To Escape The Daily Grind & Discover Mind Blowing Possibilities

    When was the last time you felt truly free? Or looked at your life in an Ah-HA! moment and realized that everything you’ve been so stressed out about is not actually deeply important to you as a human being. Do you ever step away from your life and just breathe? Just exist?

    Socrates proclaimed that “the unexamined life is not worth living.” That may sound too harsh, but think about it for a moment. If you don’t stop to reflect on how you are living, how will you know if you are living life to the fullest? How do you know if you could be happier, more free, less stressed? You may be wondering what this has to do with coaching. Well, according to Summer Engman, in her article on Huffington Post, “Life coaching is about identifying how we want to change our lives (or change the world) and then moving all the fear and limiting beliefs that block us from letting out our brilliance.”

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  • Career GPS – Navigate To Your Ideal Career & Life

    When people ask how coaching works, I often describe it as career GPS or the difference between walking to your destination without a map versus jumping on a tourbus that will get you there faster, wiser and more refreshed. (See this post on Real To Ideal’s FB page for the tourbus story.)
    This week I read an article on CoachCampus.com that describes coaching as a lighthouse – guiding ships through the darkness towards the shore while illuminating possible dangers along the way.

    A light in the darkness is an apt metaphor for coaching because we often can’t see the path in front of us – the path that leads to our ultimate goals – and the obstacles we will encounter along the way.

    Coaching sheds light on that path so we can see the individual steps we need to take and helps us plan a way around the obstacles, often before we even encounter them. Maybe it’s not that dark and you think you don’t need a flashlight. But then someone hands you one and you shine it in front of you. And you realize how much was hidden from you before. Now you’re not just feeling your way slowly through semi-darkness, you’re able to run with confidence. You leap over small obstacles and easily dodge insurmountable ones. You’re fearless and nimble, thanks to that light you thought you didn’t need because you were doing fine on your own. (And you are fine on your own, you will get there eventually. Slowly and slightly bruised, maybe, but that builds character.) But if you want to be nimble and confident along your career path, if you want to drop the dead weight and sail quickly into your brilliant future, then consider career coaching.

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