Damn It Feels Good To Be A Boss Babe!

I have a story to share with you – especially those of you who are still struggling, still signing up for every freebie you come across, still looking for the missing piece, the magic elixir that will cure your biz pains – not to gloat, but to let you know there IS a light at the end of this entrepreneurial tunnel!

What Does It Mean To “Know Your Why”?

What does it mean to "Know Your Why"?

You’ve heard it a zillion times already – “Know Your Why.” If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, online business owner, or the one to beat out more qualified job candidates in a field where you have zero experience, you “must” know your why. This one detail is what sets businesses apart, what allows your message to be heard over all the noise, what makes YOU visible in an overcrowded, over-saturated market.