Transcribe Your Videos On The Fly – Work Fiercely Tip

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I’m one of those people who’s always trying to find a better way to do things. Easier, faster, more efficient – without sacrificing quality. And this video transcription tip is exactly what busy people – online business owners, social media marketers, coaches, vloggers, bloggers, etc. – need to do MORE with less time and less help.

Being Bored & Frustrated At Work Should Be ILLEGAL (Why I Became A Coach)

woman sitting on a stack of race wheels, wearing ear protection and safety glasses while in the background you can see a gold colored Nascar car jacked up with the hood open

Every coach is motivated by something very personal that they have experienced.  For me, it was a string of jobs I loved that were ruined by bad-management.  And because being bored and frustrated at work should be illegal! It’s disrespectful to the person who’s soul is being crushed and it’s wasteful to the company who’s paying … Read more