The Absolute Best Online Resources To Boost Your Career

These are the sites I read/love/share/recommend. I’ve gotten so much great advice and inspiration from these fantastic resources:
AKA Link Love

Career Advice:

The Muse – Career Advice and How-To Articles
CityLife – Live, Work, Play

Online classes big and small

Muse U – email classes to learn new skills
Coursera – Get certified or simply sit in on the world’s best university classes for free

Getting Organized/Simplifying Your Life

Organized Charm has really inspired me and changed my life, one colorful page at a time. I can’t recommend her highly enough for when you’re in school or simply trying to get your work and life organized. She may be a bit OCD but she’s OCD with color and thus, the result is beautiful. :)

Building & Maintaining Your Brand

PWC’s ultimate workbook to figuring out what your brand is
PWC’s brand and market yourself page