Being Bored & Frustrated At Work Should Be ILLEGAL (Why I Became A Coach)

Every coach is motivated by something very personal that they have experienced.  For me, it was a string of jobs I loved that were ruined by bad-management.  And because being bored and frustrated at work should be illegal!

It’s disrespectful to the person who’s soul is being crushed and it’s wasteful to the company who’s paying for less than stellar results.

One of the things I’ve experienced again and again at many different companies is how bad-management makes it almost impossible to succeed.  Not only do they ruin what could be an awesome work environment, but the only thing bad-management is effective at is running a company into the ground.

Don’t let something like this run you into the ground!  I want to make sure no one is ever trapped in that situation.

I’m offering a way out, a door to a happy life in a company you love (maybe your own!) doing work you enjoy. Plus, you can feel GREAT about helping yourself and saving the world at the same time. I call it “coaching with a conscience” and you can read more about it on the Work With Me page.

If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, jump in:


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