Stop Being Frustrated TODAY & Start Moving Toward Your Ideal Lifestyle

Do ever get the feeling that life coaches and career coaches haven’t been through what you’ve been through?  You look at their about page and it’s just this long list of successes and now they’re making a fortune as a freelance coach.
Well, I don’t have that.  I have a long list of adventures – amazing, yet non-traditional jobs that I loved and was excited about.  But then, one painful day, I injured my back.  I couldn’t do the types of jobs I loved most and I didn’t have a plan for what to do next.  I jumped into a desk job, because that seemed like the thing to do, but it slowly crushed my soul: being cooped up inside, under fluorescent lights, surrounded by computers.  That may be your dream job, but it wasn’t mine!  But again, I had no idea what to do about it.  So I did some searching – both online and soul-searching – and I realized I need to learn how to transition from the exciting field work I craved to something I was physically capable of and at the same time exciting for my soul.


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I learned a LOT.  I made some mistakes along the way, but I learned from those too.


One of the things I learned was how to endure a desk job I didn’t like, but paid me well enough to pursue my passions on the side.  Not forever, mind you (it took me 2 years to figure it out from scratch, but I can help you do it in less than that.)


So YES, now I have a super-awesome, successful freelance business that I absolutely love!  It wasn’t easy and I do remember how painful it was to suffer through one miserable day, one intolerable week, one mind-numbing month at a job that was completely wrong for me.  And now my passion is to help you avoid that same mistake when it’s time for you to transition out of a career you love but can’t do anymore, or to help you end the pain and suffering of being in a job that’s making you miserable.


You may also tell yourself, well that’s easy for her, she’s probably an outgoing, charismatic, extrovert who can talk her way into anything.  I’ll admit – it may look like that on the outside – but in reality I’m a textbook introvert.  I prefer time alone, I love reading and solo activities, I have a small tight-knit group of friends who I’ve known for 15+ years.  Thus, I picked roles that allowed me to be an introvert 90% of the time and I’ve learned how to really turn on the charm for the 10% of the time I needed to interact with others. You’ll notice that most of my resume features support roles, not leadership roles. Even this coaching gig (which I consider my ultimate calling) only requires me to be extroverted when you and I are in the middle of a session – and even then – the focus is on you!  My most extroverted duty as a coach is still a support role.


So don’t be afraid to dream wildly about what kind of environment you’d like to be in, what kind of industry you want to work in, there’s almost always a need for both extroverts and introverts. You need to dream as big as you possibly can, without limitation and then we’ll look at all the different ways we can match that dream to your personality and ideal lifestyle to make sure you find the absolute best combo for your uniqueness.

Ready for some get-your-hands-dirty, soul-searching exercises to get you on your ideal career path? Then dive in right here with the career exercises tag that will take you to every activity post I have and start exercising your idealist muscles.

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