How To Create A Simple, Successful Sales Funnel

Creating a sales funnel is super easy and doesn’t require any complicated or expensive tools. Watch me map out a sales funnel that can be used with any platform, any audience, and any medium. Use this with your email list, FB following, youTube following, blog, Twitter, or anywhere else.

Distill Your Marketing Down To A CLEAR Message [Video]

Building off what we covered in last week’s live training, now it’s time to distill your message down to an even more focused phrase that will LIBERATE you from the chaos!

Sound too good to be true? Well prepare to be amazed my friend because by the end of this video, you’ll know how to apply these techniques to YOUR business. Which means, you’ll be able to:

  • Make more money
  • Get bigger ROI with less investment (of time, effort, and money)
  • Stop stressing about what to write/produce/launch/create in your business to get to the next level!

There IS a workbook that goes with this live training ~ The Clear & Captivating Message PDF. If you’re on the Real To Ideal Superstars email list, you already have access to it in the Real To Ideal Toolbox. If you’re not on the list, just sign up in the sidebar of this blog post or go here: Clear & Captivating Message page

So push play, dive in, and let me know if you have any questions. Just drop a comment right here on this page if you need help with your unique message or brand phrase (or how to turn that into content ideas).


This is the 2nd of 4 free, no-pitch, no B.S., just 100% value live trainings. Check out what you’ve missed and/or what’s next:

Wed. October 11, 2017 ~ From Chaos to Clear
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Wed. October 18, 2017 ~ Distill Your Marketing Down To A Clear & Captivating Message
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Wed. October 25, 2017 ~ The 3 Types Of Content You Need To Stop Chasing Clients (And Start ATTRACTING Them!)

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From Chaos To Clear Brand Message – Work Fiercely Tips [Video]

Is your business, brand, or message complete CHAOS or crystal CLEAR?
Let’s find out!

In this video, I walk you through the mapping exercise that helped me get WAYYYYYYYY more clear on my message, how I can get bigger results for my clients and how I explain what I do.

Which has led to more sales, easier sales conversations and more referrals from people who “get” how I can help their friends!

This is the 1st of 4 free, no-pitch, no B.S., just 100% value live trainings. Check out what’s next:

Wed. October 18, 2017 ~ Craft your clear & captivating message for bigger ROI
Live training + workbook to get started right away
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Wed. October 25, 2017 ~ The 3 Types Of Content You Need To Stop Chasing Clients (And Start ATTRACTING Them!)

Wed. November 1, 2017 ~ TBD

Improve Your Facebook Skills – Work Fiercely Tips [Video]

The more time you spend on Facebook, the more likely you’ll want to pull your hair out about some of the awkward ways they do things. I’m here to help you blaze through those roadblocks so you can stay in an inspired flow!

In this video, I’ll walk you through 3 different workarounds (for beginners AND pros) to help your content stand out and shine on Facebook:

– How to share links WITHOUT theater mode
– How to fix the preview Facebook creates for links to your site/blog
– How to share posts/grab the link to a post/link to comments

For more Work Fiercely (Never Frantically) tips, tools and resources, check out the other Work Fiercely Tips right here on Real To Ideal.


Throw Away Your Marketing Strategy [Video]

Nothing feels worse than pouring your heart and soul into a strategy that was supposed to be the missing link in your business. The magic pill that was going to change everything. And watching your hard earned time and energy slip through your fingers like so many clients who didn’t buy.

Kiddo, I believe in you! I do! I know you’re here to do great things, heal the world, and make a BIG fucking difference!

I feel every ounce of your desire and I want to channel that into something that’s going to work for you!

Click play, for where we go from here…


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Transcribe Your Videos On The Fly – Work Fiercely Tip

Vintage typewriter and printer press tiles on a wooden table with the words Transcribe Your Videos On The Fly Work Fiercely Tip written on the wood

I’m one of those people who’s always trying to find a better way to do things. Easier, faster, more efficient – without sacrificing quality. And this video transcription tip is exactly what busy people – online business owners, social media marketers, coaches, vloggers, bloggers, etc. – need to do MORE with less time and less help.

Use Your U.S.P. To Connect With Ideal Clients

You’ve probably heard of U.S.P. before – most people call it your Unique Selling Point and it’s vital to positioning yourself in a crowded market.

I prefer to think of it as your Unique Storytelling Perspective because selling point and positioning are really hard to figure out until you understand what your unique selling point and market position are.  In other words, they’re both hard to see when you’re in the thick of it, but so obvious in hindsight.

But once I started looking at U.S.P. as my Unique Storytelling Perspective, it got a LOT easier to work with, for myself and my clients.

I’m creating a ton of content around this idea right now, so stay tuned for new posts/PDF’s/videos and more to help you put all this to work in your business and use it to STAND OUT and be recognized as the #1 go-to expert for your ideal clients.  But let’s start with the basics – what makes you different than everyone else in your industry and how does that make you uniquely qualified to help your clients?

Your Unique Storytelling Perspective – U.S.P.

I’m going to show you 2 things in this video –
how to compete with others in your industry, no matter how long you’ve been in business or where they’ve been published…
AND I’ll use my own unique perspective as an example to help you wrap your head around how this works:


What Does It Mean To “Know Your Why”?

What does it mean to "Know Your Why"?

You’ve heard it a zillion times already – “Know Your Why.” If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, online business owner, or the one to beat out more qualified job candidates in a field where you have zero experience, you “must” know your why. This one detail is what sets businesses apart, what allows your message to be heard over all the noise, what makes YOU visible in an overcrowded, over-saturated market.