What Plastic-Free Oceans Can Teach You About Marketing

Learn more about the Ocean Cleanup and how enlightened marketing is helping Boyan Slat grow a movement and getting his message picked up by globally recognized influencers.

Ocean Cleanup is an inspiring example of social entrepreneurship and enlightened marketing successfully solving real-world problems and how your fans, followers, and influencers will gladly carry your message to every corner of the planet.

From Chaos To Clear Brand Message – Work Fiercely Tips [Video]

Is your business, brand, or message complete CHAOS or crystal CLEAR?
Let’s find out!

In this video, I walk you through the mapping exercise that helped me get WAYYYYYYYY more clear on my message, how I can get bigger results for my clients and how I explain what I do.

Which has led to more sales, easier sales conversations and more referrals from people who “get” how I can help their friends!

This is the 1st of 4 free, no-pitch, no B.S., just 100% value live trainings. Check out what’s next:

Wed. October 18, 2017 ~ Craft your clear & captivating message for bigger ROI
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Wed. October 25, 2017 ~ The 3 Types Of Content You Need To Stop Chasing Clients (And Start ATTRACTING Them!)

Wed. November 1, 2017 ~ TBD