How To Love What You Do So Much It Sells Itself

As a business and success coach, I meet a lot of people who are having trouble with their confidence in sales skills.  The reasons typically fall into a handful of categories, including:

  • who you’re trying to sell to
  • what you’re selling
  • how you’re selling it
  • how you deliver the final product/service
  • and, of course, your customer service skills

One thing I’ve noticed is: lacking confidence in your sales skills is often just a symptom of something deeper.  In other words, it may feel like you lack sales skills or the confidence to succeed when really it’s something else causing you to lose confidence in what you’re selling.  So let’s look at one scenario I see pretty often, maybe this story will sound familiar to you too.

Many of my clients find me at a time when they lack the confidence and/or sales skills to make their online biz successful because they’re trapped in a brutal cycle of rejection that leads to despair that leads to more rejection which, of course, turns into a total lack of confidence.

After weeks (sometimes months!) of free discovery calls with potential clients that don’t end in sales, they start to doubt themselves.  They start do doubt whether they’ve chosen the right business or whether they have what it takes to succeed.  They start wondering if they need to buy another course or find a free training.  But they don’t know what to do so they just keep offering free discovery calls.  This happens again and again until the person starts to dread discovery calls and it gets harder and harder to make sales.

So by the time they finally come to me, they truly are lacking the confidence and sales skills to make this work, because it’s a vicious cycle once you lose your edge.


What’s The Real Reason No One’s Buying?

One of the first things I ask  when someone comes to me in this state, is what are they trying to sell?  You can tell exactly how someone feels about what they’re selling by listening to the passion in their voice when they describe it.  What we often discover is that confidence and sales skills are a symptom of the deeper issue.  Often, the real root of the problem is that the product or service they’re trying to sell doesn’t match what they want to do, what lights them up and taps into their soul’s calling.

They’ve created products or services based on what they thought clients would buy or what they saw other people selling, not based on what they truly enjoy doing.

So when they try to sell these things, maybe they luck out and they make one sale and they’re so excited and they’re thinking “YES, this IS going to work, I’m going to be able to quit my job and be a business owner, this is the BEST!!!!”

But halfway through delivering the service to their new client, this energy is fading and they’re right back to having trouble selling it to another client.  The high of their first sale has worn off before they can make a second sale.  And this is where a lot of people give up and quit.


What If You’re Determined To Make This Work?

Ah, but not everyone quits, do they?  There are a few who belong to that rare breed of people who succeed.  Some call it stubborn, others call it driven, some call it a higher calling.  Whatever you call it, they have a burning desire in their hearts that forces them to keep trying.  They know, deep down that they’re destined for something better and this is the path to that dream, so they look for help.  That’s when they find me – lacking in confidence and sales skills but ready to do whatever it takes to reach that success they crave.  (Sometimes the issue isn’t what they’re selling, it’s who they’re trying to sell it to.  We’ll look at lead generation/qualification in a separate post.)

Within our first coaching session, we dig into the root problem with their lack of sales.  If it’s their belief in what they’re selling, we redesign their offers to match what makes them happy, what gets them excited and makes their heart sing!

We uncover what their highest calling is so they can live up to their true potential.  A mixture of their unique experiences, their special skills and how they can use this mixture to deeply serve the people who need them most.  Then we explore the different ways this product or service can be delivered and choose a format that they truly enjoy – through and through.  That way, they can’t wait to tell people about it, they’re EXCITED about sales calls and they can sell it with passion and confidence that their potential clients can FEEL – like electricity on their skin, like a tsunami of inspiration in their hearts!

Because people buy when they feel your excitement and when they know you believe in what you’re selling with all your heart and soul!  [Tweet This!]


Until You Fix This, You’re Just Another Shitty Boss

And this is why I became a coach in the first place.  Because I was depressed and frustrated as an employee, with bosses who didn’t care about my strengths or my potential.  And I got very angry when I thought about how many people, especially in America, were being wasted!!  How much energy and potential was being wasted!

It makes me mad that employers don’t care about positioning people according to their strengths and what gets them excited, because people who are excited about what they do are far more engaged and productive!  Which means we’re literally losing a shit ton of productivity in the U.S. because employees aren’t excited about work.  And it’s really hard to do anything about this because most of the bosses in charge aren’t excited or engaged either.  So there’s not a whole lot you can do.

But as business owners, we’re the employer and the employee.  We have total control over our happiness, our excitement and our engagement.  If we’re not 200% excited about what we’re doing, we need to change it!  Because we have the power and freedom to tap into our highest potential.

And when business owners are operating at their highest potential, we literally make the world a better place to live.  By doing business according to our own bliss, we are helping others transform their lives and become the best they can be.  And they go on to live better lives and transform the people around them too.  And this keeps happening exponentially.  This has a ripple effect on the world.

So as business owners, when we operate at our fullest potential and we’re excited and engaged about what we’re doing, we’re literally changing the world, one client at a time!  [Tweet this too!]

And that’s why I do what I do.  That’s how I serve the people who need me.  I transform their business to match their bliss so they can live to their highest potential, so they can increase their sales and transform the lives of their clients, so we can collectively change the world, one client at a time.


THAT’S how I love what I do so much that it sells itself!!

How can you apply this to your own biz?  Are your products/services/packages so exciting to you that you light up when you talk about them?  Do you look forward to discovery calls because it’s a new chance to talk about what you do and how you can help?  Are you a client magnet because your energy is beaming out of your heart like a care bear stare into your laptop and across the internet?

If not, start with what you’re selling and see if you need to tweak it until it makes you giddy.  You know I can’t wait to help you with this!!!  So book a coaching call if you want to start selling like a rockstar!

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To your most CONFIDENT Success!!


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