The Key To Sales Copy That Actually Sells

If your sales copy is generic or confusing, it’s not going to convert into paying clients.  I bet you’ve worked on this a BUNCH already and you think you’ve got killer copy that specifically targets your dream clients.  Well, keep reading, we’re about to find out if that’s true or not!

Where Most Of Us Begin Our Sales Copy Journey:

For the sake of illustration, we’ll have to make up an example.  Maybe your copy is way better than this, maybe it’s way different than this.  I chose examples I thought would be really easy to grok.  Let’s say you start with this: I help women with their branding so they can increase their sales.

That’s so BORING and GENERIC!! It’s trying to speak to so many people on a shallow level, so of course everyone is going to ignore it.

Plus, because of the confusion around the word branding, many people will think “So she can help me with my logo?” while most branding specialists pull out their hair and say, “NO!! I don’t do logos!! Logos are only a small part of branding!!” But how would your audience know?  Have you clearly communicated what you do yet?  If you can’t clearly communicate what YOU do, then why would they want to hire you?

(Disclaimer – I just chose this as a random example. I mean absolutely no disrespect to anyone who helps with branding. But if this pisses you off, then GOOD! Let’s fix it! :) )


The Elevator Pitch That Spells Out Who I Work With – ALSO BORING & GENERIC!

The other thing I see a lot is the elevator pitch that we’re all taught when we first started our biz. The “I work with female entrepreneurs who want to have it all, who want a business that feeds their spirit as much as their wallet…”

What they didn’t tell you is that you’re not actually supposed to put that on your website or in your sales copy. Because it’s boring & generic!! Instead, speak directly to the women you want to attract with the words you use. Clearly communicate what you do in a way that ONLY those women will resonate with it.


The Solution:  Sales Copy That Gets Ooohs, Ahhhs & Nodding Heads That Turns Into Love & Trust

So how do we fix this? Easy! We can fix all of this in just a few sentences that speak directly to your dream clients and on a deep enough level to instill trust.

For example, if you are indeed someone who specializes in personal branding and you want to work with women who embrace their spiritual side in the entrepreneurial journey, it might sound something like this:

Together we will uncover the primal feminine energy within you so you can step into your power as a healer and a goddess and show up in your business as the spiritual leader you were born to be. As a result, you’ll easily stand out to the lost souls who need you and are searching through the darkness for your light.

Do you see how this speaks directly to a specific niche of women who will read that and say YES!! That’s ME! While the women who don’t fit that profile are going to think NO! That’s totally NOT me!

Do you think someone who reads this is going to think – Oh, she can help me with my logo? Probably not.

This immediately speaks to your dream clients on a deeper level while weeding out the people you don’t want to work with.  [Tweet This!] And you didn’t have to spell it out in a way that’s boring and generic and speaks to no one.


How To Use Your Unique Voice & Biz Personality To Dramatically Turn Readers On Or Off

Now, let’s say there’s more than one personal branding specialist in the world (GASP!) and this one is soooooooo not woo-woo. In fact she’s more of a bad ass, get-shit-done, no frills, I only work with fierce & fearless women who know they’re awesome, they just don’t know anything about branding or marketing themselves. Her sales copy might sound more like this:

It’s time to show the online world what a powerful woman you are! To take this fierce, confident and successful leader you are in real life and fully translate her online so you can stand tall and captivate the women who need to work with you. No more confusion, no more hesitating because you’ll have a clearly mapped out strategy for your branding and your marketing. A plan you can share with your team so they can seamlessly produce everything you need for multiple platforms.

Is that copy going to speak to the spiritual healer goddess from earlier? Probably not. She’s probably leaning away from the screen right now and thinking “Please stop yelling…” Meanwhile, the type-A women who have been incredibly successful in corporate jobs, climbed their way to the top of a 6 or 7-figure salary but now want the freedom of owning their own business – THOSE women are probably leaning in, nodding their head and clicking BUY NOW from this gal.


How Do You Feel About Your Own Killer Sales Copy?  Good Or Bad, We All Start Somewhere & We All Have Room To Grow!

I hope this helps you clear up 2 of the common mistakes I see a lot of people making with their online marketing. If you’re not happy with your sales or feel like your sales funnel isn’t attracting the right clients or you’ve had to chase every client you’ve ever had, then take a look at your own sales copy and see if there’s a way to revamp it so it speaks on a deeper level to your specific (narrow) niche.

If you have one of those descriptions of the type of person you want to work with on your website, don’t get discouraged!! We’ve all been there!

But you’re a big girl now and it’s time to promote your kick-ass services with the big dogs. Start by taking that description off and then re-writing your sales copy so that it speaks directly to that person you described.

If you don’t want woo-woo clients, use language that’s going to repel them! It’s OK!! If you only want woo-woo clients, use super woo-woo-words to attract them and repel anyone who can’t handle it!

Of course, not everyone fits into woo or not-woo, you’ll have to make your own distinctions based on your specific situation. But I like using this archetype as an example because it illustrates the point so beautifully and easily.


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