Damn It Feels Good To Be A Boss Babe!

I have a story to share with you – especially those of you who are still struggling, still signing up for every freebie you come across, still looking for the missing piece, the magic elixir that will cure your biz pains – not to gloat, but to let you know there IS a light at the end of this entrepreneurial tunnel!

I had a splendid conversation recently with another solopreneur who’s doing market research for her new offering. When she got to the question – “What are you struggling with in your biz right now” – it felt SO amazingly good to honestly respond with – “Nothing.”

It’s true. At this moment, I’m really not struggling.  I feel amazing and I’m content with where I am. Sure, there’s a ton of work to do and I’m busy.  But I’m in love with the work and it will all get done in good time. I feel like I’m on easy street and all I have to do is wake up each day and be creative.

She also asked – “What kind of freebie would you be interested in” – to which I also responded (honestly) – “None.” I’m past the point in my biz where I want any freebies. If I need to do something I don’t know how to do, I’d rather just hire someone to do it for me (or ask my VA to do it for me!).

I still invest in my learning all the time and I still hire coaches, take courses and participate in masterminds. But I’m not drawn in by a freebie. If I want something, I’ll buy it from someone I’ve been following, someone I trust is walking her talk.

Peering Into The Void

So I’m sharing this with you to give you hope! To share the gold I’ve found at the end of the rainbow. The first 6 months of building my biz was a lot like using a shaky rope bridge to cross a chasm so deep I couldn’t see the bottom and you never knew when the wind was going to blow so hard that the bridge would rock violently and threaten to toss you into that bottomless chasm of failure. Maybe others found a first-class flight across the chasm, I don’t know. But I walked across, one unsure step at a time. I had help of course, thanks to a great coach who held me firm when I thought I might fall. And now I look back on that bridge with such joy because I’m safely on the other side, lying in the softest, most luxurious grass, in sparkling sunshine, gazing at the clouds and feeling *wonderful* about this path I’ve chosen.

Maybe it’s the adventurous side of me – I love rope bridges and hard-to-reach paradises!

But no matter where you are in your biz journey, I want to tell you to keep putting one foot in front of the other. You WILL figure this out (or give up and let the chasm swallow you, whichever comes first).  ;) 


If the idea of falling into the chasm pisses you off – GOOD! Use that energy to fuel your success!!


If you keep at it and seek the right kind of help, surround yourself with successful people who are happy to help you when you stumble, who inspire you and show you what the grass looks like on the other side of this scary chasm you’re currently crossing (that all new biz owners have to cross, by some method or another), you WILL succeed and you WILL sink your bare feet into the super soft, luxurious grass in biz paradise!

I know I still have lots to learn, obstacles to overcome, levels of success to breakthrough and probably all kinds of ups and downs to endure.

But for now, I want to enjoy this plateau. I want to catch my breath and enjoy how far I’ve traveled to get here.

And, after a brief nap in the sunshine, I’m going to set sail for the next horizon and see what adventure waits for me there!


If you’re ready to reach this paradise in your own business, I’d LOVE to help!!  Sometimes all it takes is one breakthrough and sometimes it happens on the first call – and the first one’s FREE!  Ready to invest an hour or two in your own success?  Tell me about your biz and we’ll book a Skype call together.  Click it:


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