Impact AND Income – The Power of AND

Why choose when you can have both?  The power of AND came up multiple times this week during my coaching calls.  This idea that we’ve separated parts of our self and our businesses and it’s time to integrate them in a holistic way with the power of AND.  Not to mention, its ability to give permission for us to have double of anything is very tantalizing!

You CAN Have It All:

I can be fierce AND gentle

I can kick my clients butts AND be compassionate

I can be intuitive AND practical

I can be the coach AND the influencer

I can make time for self care AND be successful in business

I can take an hour long break every day AND still make a lot of money/have time for everything

I can be a leader from a support role (this one is my own holistic integration)

I can have massive impact AND income [Tweet that!]

Where can you or your business use more AND?


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