The FIRST 3 Things You NEED To Attract Ideal Clients To Your Online Biz

Who wants to STAND OUT and be recognized as the #1 go-to gal in your industry?

HELL YEAH you do!!! That’s why you show up every single day. That’s why you’re here, reading the #1 success blog for enlightened entrepreneurs. And that’s why you KNOW – with every cell in your body and every thought in your head – you KNOW you’re destined for success!

But right now, you feel invisible. You feel like “I’ve never created anything successful before…”

Or maybe you feel like success is just one more FB post away…

Am I right?!?

Well let’s do this then! My TOP TIPS for standing out, shining your brightest and attracting soul-mate clients:

✨ TIP #1 – Get clear on who you help and what they will walk away with

I see so many people posting about how they can help you achieve your “dream life” or “highest potential” or “get results”…

That’s not clear. Your soul-mate clients will line up to hire you when they can see themselves in the results you describe. When they can hear/feel/see/smell victory.

So step one is get specific! Will they walk away with a bigger online following? Or $1000 extra income every month? Or become the person who attracts the man/gal of their dreams?

Once your 1000% clear on who you help and what you can help them achieve, then you get 1000% confident talking about it. And that, my fierce friend, is step 2.

✨ TIP #2 – Get 1000% confident about what you can achieve with your clients and then LET THEM KNOW IT!

Want to know why promoting yourself is so hard? Because you’re not 1000% sure you believe in what you’re selling.

If you’re not sure, they won’t be sure and if they’re not sure, they won’t buy.

This lack of confidence usually falls into one of two categories:

– You’re offering something you, yourself, aren’t excited about

– You freakin LOVE what you’re offering, you’re just not used to telling people about it. (Or you’re so new at it, you’re not confident about your skills yet.)

MAKE SURE you love what you’re offering!! If there is ANY resistance at all, clear that first! Maybe this isn’t the right offer for YOUR biz. Maybe you think people want it and that’s why you’re offering it, but the truth is, you’re not jazzed about it.

But if you’re confident you’ve got the right offer and you’re excited about it, then start channeling that excitement into everything you do!

Get excited and record a video about it! Get stoked and write posts about it! Get you’re blood pumping and then write a blog post about it!

And then share/promote the HELL out of it!!

✨ TIP #3 – SHOW your audience why YOU’RE the #1 person they need to work with

I could give tips like this all day, so there’s def more than 3, but let’s not make this post any longer, eh?

Demonstrate what makes you different. Show it in every post, every photo, every video. THIS is why your audience needs YOU. This is what you do differently, this is what makes your product or service unique. THIS is why your clients get amazing results. THIS is why you’re uniquely qualified to do what you do.

Be different. Think differently. Speak differently. Do things differently.

And you’ll attract people who dig your unique brand of different!


If you have ANY questions at all, pop them into the comments. I’m happy to help you nail this so you can grow your biz and become a MASSIVE success!

If you want a ton more tips like this (like all day, everyday), join me in the Real To Ideal Superstars FB group where I help amazing business owners become Enlightened Entrepreneurs.

Because together, we’re going to change the WORLD!

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