Your Biggest Struggle Could Be The Key To Your Biggest Success

What if the constraint that gives you the most grief was, in fact, your superpower as a business? What if your unique struggle was the key to your U.S.P.?

One of the themes here at Real To Ideal is how to turn obstacles into opportunities, so I thought this week, you might like to hear it from someone else for a change… 😎


“Every problem that you see is simply an opportunity for an entrepreneur to find a great business around it.” – Naveen Jain


Naveen Jain quote found on Srinivas Rao’s Twitter last week:


YES!!!!!!! And if I dare say so, YOU are the solution to a very unique problem in the world!! Your business is an extension of that.

Every problem that you encounter today is an opportunity for you to shine in your business. It’s just a matter of perspective.


How To Turn This Into A Marketing Opportunity For Your Unique Biz:

HOW do you solve the problems you solve, from your zone of genius?

Simply sharing that one thing with your audience will position you uniquely in your field.

Try it. Pay attention to the problems you solve today (within your specialty) and look at how you approached the problem, what methods you used to make a decision for how to solve it, and how you implemented a solution.

Your ideal clients probably have NO idea how to do this! Sharing your methods builds street cred, social proof, credibility, belief, and trust with your audience.

As Srinivas would say, be unmistakable!



And if you’re not already a fan of Srinivas Rao, today’s your lucky day! Unmistakable (the book AND the podcast) is DIVINE and a must-read/hear for every rebel with a cause (like you!)

Unmistakable Creative website

Srinivas Rao Twitter and FB

Naveen Jain Twitter and FB


Learn how to turn your biggest struggle into your biggest success

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