Lacey Sites ~ For Her Innovative Business Model In The Coaching Industry

Real To Ideal would like to celebrate (r)Evolutionary Leader Lacey Sites and her business A Lit Up Life for changing the coaching industry with a whole new business model she calls A Lit Up Partnership.


At a time when coaches were charging record high prices that many struggling businesses can’t afford (and being told to “put it on a credit card” to hire a coach) Lacey created A Lit Up Partnership as an alternative.

Instead of a flat monthly fee for Lacey’s expertise and mentorship, A Lit Up Partnership charges a percentage of what clients make during the 6 months they work with Lacey.

A business model that started as an experiment, but continues to grow more successful with each round!

Hooray for innovative thinkers like Lacey! 🎉
Hooray for (r)Evolutionary Leadership that fosters impact as well as income! 📢

And Congratulations on your third successful round of A Lit Up Partnership, Lacey!! Good luck to everyone who participates in Round 4! 💜💜💜

The Real To Ideal Movement for (r)Evolutionary Leaders celebrates and encourages business owners, thought leaders, and influencers who value impact and use their business/leadership/influence to make the world a better place for all.

Thanks for taking a moment to help us recognize and celebrate Lacey’s awesomeness!!

Congratulations Lacey Sites on your 3rd successful round of the Lit Up Partnership

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