Fiona Tate & The Women Without Children Movement

I am continuously inspired by Fiona Tate and how she’s revolutionizing childless women’s place in society. In fact, as woman who is childless-NOT-by-choice, she wasn’t satisfied with the terms we use to describe non-moms as someone who is “less than” ~

Women without children

Sure, we can simply use the term adult, but that word includes parents and non-parents. And there’s that negation again, non-parent. We just don’t have a meaningful and respectful word for men and women without children.

Maybe this used to make sense in society. Maybe there was some patriarchal reason to base a woman’s contribution to society on how many offspring she produced. But it’s definitely outdated now. And it’s time for humanity to evolve to the next level.


Women who experienced a life without children aren’t less than other women. And for all the women out there who would’ve loved to have mini-me’s but for whatever reason couldn’t, this identity as being someone who lacks, just isn’t good enough.


So Fiona coined the term Valtie to represent all the women in the world who are VALUED, Valkyries, and Aunties. [Tweet about this!]


Some women are part of the village it takes to raise a child. Others express their love and nurturing spirit through a passion project. Some women pour their heart and soul into a business.

Because EVERY woman has a right to leave a lasting legacy in the world, even if it isn’t through genetic code.

We raise each other, every day. We share our passion, love, inspiration, and healing energy through our businesses. We show up with experience and wisdom to every networking event, every business meeting, every interview.


We ARE valued, valkyries, and aunties! We are VALTIES!


And for everyone else who doesn’t fit this description, you have a part to play in this movement too! YOU are part of the revolution to change how we treat valties – in the workplace, in our families, in our healthcare system, and in every conversation.

Fiona is using her passion for writing to bring this message to the world through her freelance copywriting business, as a fantasy fiction author, and as a mentor and guide to Valties everywhere in her Women Without Children Loving The World business.


Photo of Fiona Tate, looking beautiful in red hair and a yellow shirt, with the words Real To Ideal Revolution Rockstar on a black background.


How Fiona & Real To Ideal First Met

Fiona first created this Movement as part of the Real To Ideal Mastermind (a 6-month group program) and continues to grow as a leader while expanding her businesses in the Real To Ideal Revolution (the monthly membership).


Fiona says, “I’m in a different place from when I started and now have my focus firmly in my mind and on paper. None of this would have been possible without Mollie’s generosity and support.”

📣 ✨📣 “I’m honored and proud to be part of the Real To Ideal (r)Evolution!” she says. 📣✨📣


YAY!! We’re so happy to be there with you Fiona! And we’ll continue to have your back as you continue to climb to bigger and bigger heights of success!

It’s been such a joy to watch Fiona blossom and an honor to help her increase her impact and income!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level and want to surround yourself with high-vibe movement makers, culture shakers, dreamers + doers who lift each other up, join us in the Real To Ideal Revolution!

This program will be open to new members until we reach capacity because I want to keep the community active, but tight-knit.

Join Fiona, Mollie, and other amazing business owners who want to make a difference while earning their first million.

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Learn more about Fiona:

Hi, I’m Fiona Tate, AKA Countess Drusilla Steele. I’m a Childless by Circumstance Mentor and Guide, a Wordcaster and a lover of all things weird. I live in a small seaside village in Birdlings Flat, New Zealand with the Count and my furbabies. I spend my days supporting women who are childless not by choice: Valties (Valued, Valkyrie, Aunties) and making magic with words in my freelance writing business.

I am on a crusade to reduce the number of women suffering from mental health issues, particularly Depression and Anxiety, by encouraging, celebrating, and downright promoting, women’s rights to live differently, for whatever reason. I know that childless women can burst through their darkness, to defiantly tell their stories and demand that the rest of the world hear of the love and wisdom we have to give.

Her website aka Countess Drusilla Steele’s website for Guiding Childless Women To Find Passion And Purpose

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Photo of Fiona Tate, looking beautiful in red hair and a yellow shirt, with the words Real To Ideal Revolution Rockstar on a black background.

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  1. Love this term Valties! I can remember fondly of the deep impression my aunties left in my life and how they thought me to see my own value and live life in my own terms! Keep sharing your amazing message Fiona!


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