How The Facebook Customer Feedback Score Rewards Authentic Businesses

New Facebook Ads feature will boost or ban your page depending on customer feedback score #marketing #social-media #sales

Businesses with integrity are going to flourish this year and the Facebook Ads “Customer Feedback Score” is one of many opportunities we’re looking forward to leveraging! Find out how:

Enlightened Marketing For Jaded, Savvy Audiences

Enlightened Marketing For Jaded, Savvy Audiences

In a world of jaded, skeptical, and savvy consumers, attention will be the most valuable currency of the 2020’s and the future of digital marketing needs to be focused on grabbing that attention and holding it as long as possible. Here’s how enlightened marketing will do that…

Sales Funnels That Deepen Relationships – Enlightened Marketing

Here’s a behind the scenes look at a sales funnel I created for a client that’s bringing a steady stream of ideal members into her group program. I’ve tweaked it slightly to make it easier for you to swipe and start using in YOUR business: