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Happy Wednesday!

Wednesdays are the perfect day for live trainings because you’ve had a day to catch up on emails & notifications from the weekend, you’ve had a day to get your work done, AND you still have 2 more days after this for inspired action to end the week with a BANG!

So take a break from the hustle today and spend 45 mins (or so) with me to boost your business. I promise this is an ALL-VALUE, NO B.S. live training. No pitch, nothing to sell, just straight up value to help you get results right away!

I’m going to show you the visual tool that helped me see what a chaotic mess my business was and why that was blocking my success.

And walk you through this mapping exercise so YOU can enjoy this massive clarity that has opened the floodgates for clients and referrals!

Just think – being able to explain what you do in the simplest sentence ever. So simple, a 5th grader could easily REMEMBER it and describe it to someone else without error.

I went from being able to help my clients with a million different things that would boost their business, to being able to promise specific results. Clear goals and milestones my clients can consistently celebrate and KNOW they’re getting their money’s worth.

Because when your business is this CLEAR ~
💎 soulmate clients line up to work with you
💎 everyone else confidently tells others what you do.

And confidence sells, darlin!

So join me TODAY at 11am PT/ 2pm ET/ 7pm London for this live training:

(It’s Facebook live video, so you may have to refresh your page at 11am to see the video…)

Last, but not least, we wrapped up the 3-part blog series – Get More Clients With Content Marketing – and part 3 is all about the marketing piece. So hop over there anytime and learn a few new ways YOU can get better results with your content and marketing efforts.

Here’s to your CLEAR and FOCUSED Success this week!!


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