Email ~ It’s OK to fail in public, no one likes perfect anyway

Happy Hump Day!

I don’t know about you, but I run my business very much the same as my life. For me that means adventurous, but prepared for anything.

Example ~ I love hiking. But I usually take a Leatherman knife/tool and/or bear spray when I do. Not just because I might need it someday (I haven’t yet) but because it makes me feel fearless. Like, “I’ve got this.” No matter what “this” might be.

My biz is similar. I plan ahead. I prepare for the worst while expecting the best. And I feel 88% fearless!

Which is why I journal. Not all the time, but every few months. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you to!)

I find that I’m oblivious to the fears I have if I don’t dig ‘em up like a grave robber in the night.

So I’ve been journaling around the idea of leadership and what it means to be a (r)Evolutionary leader. What it means to be at the top of your industry and have so many people watching you.

Ahhh, there it is. The memories of the times I’ve had that kind of power and I eventually, inevitably, acted poorly.

Most of the memories were from my teens and twenties, so I don’t feel too guilty. We all act badly in our teens and twenties. It’s part of growing up and learning how to adult.

But maybe that’s the reason I’ve kept my business following small. Maybe I was afraid to invest this much time and energy and money into something so deeply important to me, only to wreck it all by acting badly as a leader.

Maybe I just uncovered another layer of how I’ve played small in my business and it’s time to thank that layer of protection for its services and tell it goodbye.

And then this weekend happened and I watched Danielle LaPorte fall from grace. I watched a leader (someone I don’t follow, but also didn’t dislike) play small when she had a huge opportunity to lead.

And that’s when I realized – it might be scary, or painful, or embarrassing to mess up like that in the public eye, but when/if it happens to me, I can choose to handle it gracefully. I can choose to turn this obstacle into an opportunity and do my best to prioritize my community over my ego. To show the world how to be of the people, not just for the people.

And so here’s the takeaway that I hope really inspires and encourages you to go bigger in your own business – no one expects leaders to be perfect.

We know they’re human. It’s the humanity that makes them relateable and inspiring. We love watching leaders overcome challenges and obstacles because it shows us that WE are also capable of greatness.

But we expect leaders to listen. To pay attention. To consider the feelings of the community they lead. To be part of the conversation.

As a (r)Evolutionary leader, there’s no requirement to give in to your community. You don’t have to become a different person or squash your own beliefs, feelings, or values. You just need to show your people that you hear them, you’re processing what they’re sharing with you, and you’ll be open to changing your mind if you decide that is the right path for you.

Let this be your permission to step into your own leadership powers!!

Now that you know you don’t have to be perfect, you just need to be human, and not cover up your mistakes but to have an open conversation about them – YOU can do this! YOU can be an amazing leader who shows the world what’s possible!

Who overcomes her own obstacles and turns them into opportunities!

And who grows her following exponentially with every interaction, every post, every comment, and every launch.

YOU can be the (r)Evolutionary leader your tribe needs, without fear of falling from grace!

I believe in you!!!

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Here’s to your (r)Evolutionary Success!!


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