CHOOSE To Attract Amazing Clients With The Right Content

Whether you’re starting a business from scratch, or expanding your existing business into new markets, you want to get in front of the RIGHT audience, at the right time in their buying journey, to buy the product or service you offer.

If you want to attract a different type of client to your business – a high-vibe, high-paying client, for example – you need a different type of content to get their attention.

By this point in your business, you’ve probably played around with different ways to get in front of your target audience – social media, blog posts, flash sales, free calls, lead magnets, emails, live events, summits, guest posting, podcasting, etc.

The one thing ALL these methods have in common is that they all use CONTENT to attract clients and demonstrate your skills in the area they need help with.

Even your face-to-face sales calls use content to guide your potential client closer to working together. You probably have an outline/formula/script you follow to demonstrate that YOU have the solution they need and how working together would help them achieve the goals they want.

You Get To Choose Who You Want To Attract

You can design your content to specifically attract anyone. You get to CHOOSE who to attract, based on the elements woven into your content.

Content that attracts can be a double edged sword because it ALWAYS attracts the type of person it’s programmed to attract.
Which means, if you aren’t satisfied with the types of clients you’ve been getting, it’s a direct result of the content you’re using to attract them!

This is great news though, because that also means all you have to do to fix this is change your client attraction content to get different results.

Your content ALWAYS attracts exactly who it’s programmed to attract. [Tweet That!]

When done well, you can attract amazing, high-paying clients that you LOVE working with, who light you up, get incredible results, and make you crazy excited about the work you do!

You can also design your content to repel the types of people you don’t like working with. Your content can inspire ideal clients to lean in and listen closely, while encouraging specific types of people to click away and find someone else to work with.

Which means your email list is filled with IDEAL clients; your sales calls are booked with the RIGHT clients who are ready to buy, not waste your time; you feel an amazing sense of confidence and joy whenever someone books a free call with you, or messages you, or uses the contact form on your site because you know they’re going to be an ideal client, not a freebie-chaser.

Everything gets easier. You get bigger ROI, with less time, energy, and money invested. You never worry about what to create or how to promote it. And you never stress about launching again!


Let’s look at what elements influence WHO your content is attracting:

Your Content Is Your First Impression

When a potential ideal client is scrolling through Facebook, searching for answers on Google, flipping through ebooks on Amazon, watching how-to videos on youTube, or any of the other million places people go for answers, you’ve got about 3 seconds to make a first impression.

If your content doesn’t stop their scrolling and get their attention for more than 3 seconds, you’ve already lost.

So when it comes to content that ATTRACTS new people, you want to tickle their fancy before you worry about explaining what you do, who you help, or what you’re offering.

Client attracting content should:

  • Be attention grabbing
  • Stand out from the noise
  • Evoke a feeling or emotion
  • Inspire them to pause what they’re doing
  • Pique curiosity
  • Challenge a belief they have

Client attracting content should do one (or all) of these things, while also staying true to your brand. It’s not effective to just show up everyday with content that slows their scroll, it has to also be related to what your business is all about.

But that’s not hard to do once you get the hang of it. Let’s look at an example:

If you’re a health coach who helps your clients with meal planning or losing weight without fad diets, content that attracts could be as simple as a posting about the new fad diet that’s trending on social media and busting the belief that this is their golden ticket to achieving their weight loss goals. (I know NOTHING about the various different diets, so this next example is incredibly made-up!)

Here’s why you’re not losing weight on the Atkins diet

(Even if they haven’t tried the Atkins diet yet, your ideal client is still going to click on that because they want to know why it’s doomed to fail!)

Or, a blog post that busts strongly-held beliefs about weight loss such as:

All you need to lose weight is to eat less and move more… If it were that simple, you’d have done it by now!


How I lost 10 pounds during the holidays last year, without missing out on home-cooking!

Are you feeling these? Can you see how tempting they are, how intriguing?

It’s NOT click-bait if you DELIVER on the promise you make with the headline or excerpt. If you create content like this with integrity and deliver on what you’ve hinted at, your content attracts ideal clients like crazy because it’s seductive, tantalizing, and irresistible!

Keep ‘Em Curious & K.I.S.S.

When it comes to content that attracts, you want to keep it light, simple, and easy to digest. Think of it as the first time you’ve ever chatted with someone, or a first date – you want to leave them hungry for a second meeting. You want them to be leaning in and asking for more, not feeling overwhelmed with way too much information and trying to back away.

Keep It Simple Superstar, so they feel a hunger that leads them deeper into your sales funnel. If you try to deliver everything you know during their first encounter with you, they’ll feel overwhelmed and you’ll lose them. They’ll click away because they simply can’t stay focused or they need to get back to what they were doing.

But if you keep it simple and leave them hungry, they’ll click through to your website to learn more. Or they’ll sign up for your list so they’ll be reminded about you the next time they visit their inbox. Or they’ll like your page on Facebook so they get notifications. Or Pin your post on Pinterest, or subscribe to your youTube channel, or they’ll simply bookmark your post for later.

*** Don’t worry about losing them by being too brief because you can always retarget them later! ***

If you leave them hungry and/or curious, they’ll be thrilled to see you show up again later and they’ll click on whatever you deliver to them.

If you overwhelm them and they click away because they’re just not “getting” it, then they’ll see your ad later and scroll away from it because they feel no curiosity about what you’re saying.

Make sense?


To recap, now you know why content that attracts is SO important for a successful business. And you can see how you have ALL the power to choose who you want to attract and who you want to repel.

You’ve also learned 2 of the most important elements that go into content that attracts:

  • Grabbing attention with content that stands out, piques curiosity, and/or challenges their perspective
  • Leaving them hungry for more, not overwhelming them with too much in the first encounter

And a bonus element, part of content that converts:

  • Retargeting them with another taste later, to re-engage with potential clients and draw them deeper into your funnel


Obviously, there’s a lot more that could go into content that attracts the exact RIGHT people at the right time in their buying journey, but if you did nothing else other than master these 2 elements, you’d effectively attract a steady stream of ideal clients into your business.


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