How To Find What Your Audience Really Wants, Needs

When it comes to knowing what your target audience wants and needs so you can create content or design offers to attract them, no one does it better than an introvert.

I say that because introverts are natural-born listeners who excel at hearing what’s said, and empathize with what wasn’t said. As a huge introvert myself, I’ve learned a few tricks for listening online that have given me a competitive advantage and I want to share them with you.

So whether you’re an extrovert or introvert, let’s dive into some of the best ways to research what your ideal clients really want, need, and are ready to pay for.

How To Listen To What Your Target Audience Is Saying Online

So here’s today’s opportunity to shine as an introverted leader ~ you can find out a lot about what your ideal clients want, need, and are looking for simply by surfing the net:

  • hop over to Amazon and read the reviews section of books that address the same things you address in your business. Look especially at the negative reviews where people complain about what they expected or hoped for that the book didn’t deliver.
  • hop over to Google and search for a solution you offer the way an ideal client would search for it. Then scroll to the bottom of the first page of results and look at the suggestions Google shares about what other searches are popular.
  • hop over to the FB group of someone who’s in “competition” with you. Scroll through the posts and listen to the questions people are asking. You’ll find a lot of valuable info in the comments of any post the group leader posts (especially live videos) and also polls where they ask their audience what they want and need.


If you want more, here’s a video to walk you through the Amazon and Google steps plus a few other useful sites:



We’re looking at this from the lens of introverts on the internet because that’s the topic for this month ~ how to shine as a (r)Evolutionary leader AND an introvert.

If you’re even half as introverted as I am, you’ve probably felt like ALL.the.things are 10X harder if you aren’t naturally adept at socializing with strangers, bonding quickly with a new prospect on a sales call, speaking on stage or live videos, publishing selfies, and talking about your story week after week.

That’s because introverts tend to choose behind the scenes jobs where we can thrive in a support role. The complete opposite of standing out online as a business owner and leader of our following.

It’s easy enough to shy away from the spotlight and let the natural-born extroverts be the leaders. But this would be a huge disservice to humanity, to the healing of the world, to evolution on this planet, and to your own dream of having work-life balance and a business that fuels your creativity.

The world would be lopsided if extroverts were the only ones in positions of power, leadership roles, and role models.

And so we introverts have to make that extra effort to lean out of our comfort zones and step into the spotlight.

Sounds like a pretty big obstacle right?? Well here at Real To Ideal, we turn obstacles into opportunities!

Use your listening powers to hear what your ideal clients are saying and use your natural introverted empathy skills to hear the stuff they’re not saying too.

Embrace what makes you uniquely qualified to hear and understand your audience – your listening skills and empathy. Being an introvert isn’t an obstacle at all, it’s an opportunity to shine!

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