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As a huge introvert myself, I’ve often felt that introverts have to work way harder than everyone else to succeed. That extroverts – being the social butterflies and natural life of the party – had an easier time of doing the things that make a business owner successful. 

Things like live video, networking, building relationships, grabbing attention. These all felt like things that introverts have to overcome before they can they can start doing consistently.

I adore working from home because of the peace and quiet and the chance to embrace and follow my own energy rhythms. And yet, to stay in business, I need to show up as the leader of this movement and a role model to others.

So, I had to learn how to balance those 2 seemingly opposite stances.

I’m here to tell you, it’s absolutely possible! Sometimes it’s about finding the introvert version of the thing. Other times it’s about doing the thing that needs to be done in a way that allows enough time and space to recharge the batteries. But there are also areas where introverts outshine everyone else!! 

FB live broadcasts definitely aren’t an introvert activity. But I’ve reached a point where they are fairly easy for me to do. Some of my live broadcasts have been 2-3 hours long when doing a live training!!

I didn’t just get out of bed one day, ready to show up on the FB live stage for 2 hours at a time. I had to work my way up to that with smaller steps.

I had to create a FB live habit that built a comfort zone around something that made me feel totally uncomfortable. (More about how to do that here…)

The introvert version of doing FB lives is to do them in front of a smaller audience. Like creating a group with a limited number of people and then broadcasting only to them.

That’s how I first started doing the longer trainings. Sure, you see the hour-long masterclasses I did on my biz page last year, but what you probably didn’t see are the 2-hour long trainings I delivered the year before to a group of 10 people in a paid program that had a private group.

And of course, I always block off the afternoon after a big live event to unplug, relax, and recharge the batteries.

For me that means sitting on the patio with a good book and a favorite drink for a few hours. Or watching a few episodes of anime to get fired up again!

Live video is just one of many examples we’re going to look at this month for how to show up as a badass leader and a die-hard introvert.

(But even if you’re a natural extrovert, you’ll still want to stay tuned because leadership is leadership, no matter the methods. There will be a lot for you this month too!)

We’ll be looking at all of this through the lens of how introverts can shine in an extrovert industry.

Starting with this week’s #ObstacleIntoOpportunity post:

How To Find What Your Audience Really Wants, Needs (And Is Ready To Buy)

And we’ll be talking about how introverts can shine online without becoming extroverts on today’s Real To Ideal Revolutionary Show:

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Here’s to your FUN and SUSTAINABLE Success!!


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