Client Attraction Strategy For Success AND Freedom


I’ll never forget the first time I received a paying client out of the blue. I’d been offline all day, laying on the beach, and when I returned to civilization, my phone started blowing up with missed messages. One of them was from someone I’d never heard of before.

This magical woman had filled out the form on my website, requesting a free call to discuss working together. I was in the car when I received the message (as a passenger, not driving) so I emailed her. She said she wanted to hire me but couldn’t find a link to buy and asked if she could give me her credit card right then!

OF COURSE, I did a victory dance right there in the car and probably squealed with excitement!

Because it feels AMAZING when clients track you down, ready to buy!!! Because you showed up, you shared your message, you shined as brightly as you could and someone noticed. You inspired someone to take action. And when they click that call to action, it’s the greatest feeling in the world.

THIS is what happens when all the different pieces of your business fit together, and create an easy-to-follow path into your offers.

The Client Attraction Path That Gets Better ROI With Less Effort ~


Here’s what that path looks like:


A stand out brand attracts —> Content sells —> opt-in gift converts —> emails nurture & delight —> by this point, sales calls are a breeze = Money flows consistently towards you.


Your brand captivates & attracts clients who feel like you get them. And who feel like you’re going somewhere and it’s somewhere they want to go too.

Your content sells them what they need to know. It demonstrates the product you’re selling – YOU. Your style, your expertise, your knowledge, your values, your vibe. If you also happen to hand them the thing they need to make a purchase decision, they’re sold before they ever see you face to face.

They “buy” from you when they opt-in to your list. They’ve just handed over something of value in return for what you’ve got. There’s an energetic exchange.

You give them the gift of a win. A result from using your free content. Now they’re hungry for the next big win.

Your emails nourish & delight your new fan! They’re part of your inner circle now. They go on a journey with you.

They make the first move. They reach out, asking to work with you. You almost can’t mess up this sale. Sales calls are a breeze.  [Tweet that!]

Rinse & Repeat Daily For Maximum Impact & Income!

Guess what happens when you go through this process with new fans every single day –

You build a movement of die-hard fans who spread your message, your content and your offers to their audience. They’re thrilled to share you with the world!

Their friends buy from you too. Because your message is clear and it’s resonating with your soulmate clients.

Ready for more?

If you’re still reading this, then you’re ready for this kind of flow and ease! This is your golden ticket to finding the missing piece of your business puzzle!

I want to show you exactly how to create an unmistakable brand that gets noticed by your soulmate clients at the time they’re ready to buy, how to structure your content to do the heavy lifting and sell your services before you get on a sales call. So YOU can have success AND freedom everyday!

The Real To Ideal Mastermind is the only high-caliber group coaching program that shows you how to run a successful business without a huge list, without a huge following – but a following that raves about you and buys your offers because they believe in you and what you’re offering.

A movement of soulmate clients!

If you’re ready for this kind of ease and flow in your business so you can step away from the computer and enjoy LIFE, join the Real To Ideal Mastermind for 6 months of tight-knit group support, weekly lessons, worksheets, maps and tools to craft an unmistakable brand, content that sells, visibility prompts, sales funnels, expert feedback and, best of all, a high vibe YOU!

Surround yourself with success and grow your business on a rising tide.

Join the Real To Ideal Mastermind


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