Three Steps To Attracting Ideal Clients With Social Media


Social media marketing is the best way to get clients right now, so that your business doesn’t crash before you get it off the ground. But what most people fail to do, is learn how to effectively use social media for long-term client attraction – which is the key to creating consistent income. What worked on day 1 won’t work 8 months later and you’ll be out of business by the end of the year (or back to your day job) if you don’t have a long-game. If it’s been over a year and you’re still not making $10k/month consistently then you’re probably still using social media like a beginner.

Real To Ideal’s 3 most critical steps to growing a following of paying clients on social media:


Step 1 – Know your message and how you want it to be received

Your message is what rallies people to you. Your message is what people are buying into. It’s what moves them to want more for themselves! Your message is the energetic, psychological and practical parts of your business that drive around day and night, shaking hands with everyone it meets. Your soulmate clients will be delighted by its charm (or wicked sense of humor) while your haters and time wasters will cross the street to avoid bumping into it. GOOD! That’s what you want! [Tweet this!]

So make it clear. Make it unique and unmistakably YOU. Send it out there to magnetize your movement and entice them back to your HQ while you entertain all your new guests (during office hours, of course). When you return the next day, after a romantic dinner, relaxing evening and a sparkling morning of time away from your computer, you’ll have new guests, excited to find out how you might work together. And we’re talking about ideal guests – they “get” you, they’re your kind of people!

They’re here to buy. They’re already sold – your message did that. They already know, like, and trust you. They’re just here to see how many hoops they have to jump through to get on your calendar (if you want clients, you’ll minimize the number of hoops and make it easy for them!)


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Step 2 – Know where your ideal clients are looking when they’re ready for a solution

Know where your clients actually go to find the type of solution you offer.

Everyone thinks their ideal client is on Facebook. While true, nearly everyone is on Facebook, no one uses Facebook to search for solutions. That’s just not a good way to use Facebook. If I want to know how to ease the tension in my neck, I’m going to search youTube for a neck stretching exercise. If I want to try a new recipe for dinner tonight, I’m going to search Pinterest. And if I want to hire a makeup artist for my next photoshoot, I’m going to use Yelp to find someone local. Sure, I may also check their Facebook page to get a feel for how legit they are or see what others say about them, but I’m not going to go to Facebook to find the solution.

So, while Facebook is a necessary part of the trust-building equation, it might be the wrong place for you to be attracting new clients.

Find out where your soulmate clients are already searching for solutions and show up there with all your expertise, high-quality content and stand out branding. Stop spinning your wheels on a social media site where they scroll right past people like you and start shining as bright as a lighthouse where they are stopping to read posts about your zone of genius.

If you’re not sure where that is, start with thinking back to a time before you had this business. Where would you have gone to find answers to the kinds of questions you solve everyday now? And then go there and look up what’s being offered, what kind of conversations are happening and how you can join the conversation.


Which brings us to Step 3 – Join the existing conversation, don’t just stand on the table talking about yourself


Did you know, your posts may be falling flat because you’re speaking the wrong social media language?

When you post the wrong kind of content for the platform you’re on, people ignore it. No one wants to hear about YOU or your business unless it fits the conversation already in progress.

Stop spinning your wheels, trying to guess at what to post. Use a system that works and fits the conversation of the platform your posting to.

Add to the conversation, give value. If people are interested, they’ll follow you. Continue nourishing them with excellent content and they’ll convert themselves into paying clients.

3 simple steps to find clients on social media
Work fiercely, not frantically by getting clear on the best way for YOU to attract your soulmate attract clients.


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