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What’s new Superstar??

Sorry I’ve been M.I.A. lately. It’s been a fun whirlwind of summer roadtrips, triple-digit heatwaves and, of course, hurricanes.

I truly hope each and every one of you was untouched by Irma, Harvey, Jose and all the other havoc-wreaking hurricanes. I had no idea how many of my peers, team members and online friends live in Florida and Texas!! What is it about those two states that attracts so many freedom-loving online biz owners?

I’ll get to the point – I’ve been offline, but I haven’t been off-duty. I had a massive breakthrough in September and I’ve been working fiercely to turn it into something YOU can benefit from.

A breakthrough? Maybe that’s not the right word. More of an awakening, perhaps.

As a multi-talented business coach who has lived a very diverse life and climbed to the top of 12 different careers in 10 years, it’s been hard for me to pin down just ONE thing I’m unusually good at.

I’m not bragging. I’m guessing that many of you feel the same way. It’s hard to narrow your niche or focus your message when you KNOW you can help your clients do a million different things.

And that works, at first. People want help growing and succeeding, so they’re willing to take a chance on something as vague as “live your dream life” or “get more life in your work-life balance.”

For the past 3 years, I’ve helped 100+ business owners find their sweet spot and get specific about their unique superpowers and talents.

But it wasn’t until September of this year that I finally accepted mine. I say accepted, because it’s been bloody obvious for over 10 years! But for whatever reason, I’ve been avoiding it.

All it took was a simple mind-mapping exercise to help me see that, I too, have a superpower that’s uncommon in my industry. Being a business coach is incredibly common. And marketing strategists are everywhere. But a marketing coach? That’s unusual.

Of course, there were hints along the way. I majored in Marketing & PR in college. I read books (for fun) about out-of-the-box branding. My podcast folder is almost exclusively marketing podcasts. And my Feedly is full of marketing blogs.

I literally immerse myself in what’s happening in the marketing industry every single day, yet continued to avoid staking my rightful claim in that world.

What does this mean for you and why should you care?

Because you know me. You KNOW I can’t resist sharing everything I know with YOU! Which means I’m about to open Pandora’s box of how to triple your income, impact and success by looking at marketing through the lens of a rebellious marketing nerd like me.

Things like how to triple your results without doing extra work. How to create content that does the selling for you, so when you get on a free call with a prospective client, they’re ready to buy (and you don’t feel like you have to convince them to buy). How to STAND OUT on social media and have actual conversations, that lead to sales. WHERE exactly you need to be showing up online in order to attract the RIGHT clients at the RIGHT time.

I guarantee you haven’t heard these tactics a million times before. And I guarantee they get results!

For example, next week in the Real To Ideal Superstars FB group, I’ll be posting a new version of the IDEAL Framework and the topic will be FILLING your client roster with ideal clients!

So stay tuned. Summer is over, the kids are back to school and NOW is the time to make 90 day plans that will set you up for a decadent holiday season!

The seeds you plant now will be harvested between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. What kind of success will you sow?

Here’s to your SWEET Success!!


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