Book More Clients With A Clear Client Attraction Formula

Every business wants more clients. More clients means more freedom, more money, more options, bigger goals achieved and the ability to grow your team.

Whether you’ve been in business for 1 year or 10, the goal is the same. But how you attract clients changes – not because of how long you’ve been in business, but because the market changes. Technology changes. WHERE people go to find solutions changes. And right now we are in the era of content marketing and relationship-building.

When you look at it that way, it’s no longer about how many people walked into your office this month, it’s about how many people felt moved by your message? How many people even saw your message? And how many of them will feel compelled enough to want to hire you?

We can answer that with a little reverse-engineering. This simple process shows you exactly where your client attraction and sales process could be improved to increase your income and impact. Let’s dive in!


How Many Paid Clients Do You Want This Month?

How many clients would it take to reach your income goals this month? 5? 10? 15? 30? 100? 1000? 10k?

It’s going to be different for everyone, based on what you offer.

Let’s say (for the sake of an example) that you want 10 clients per month.

That’s 10 people you need to convert from a fan into a paying client each month. Conversion rates are very different for everyone – again, it’s going to be based on what you offer, how niche it is, the investment price, etc. So you’ll use your own actual conversion rates when you do this exercise.

Let’s say you’re a coach and you use sales calls to gain paying clients. And your closing rate is 50%. (For every 2 people who get on a call with you, 1 of them buys what you’re offering.) So you know that you need to get on 20 sales calls per month in order to sign 10 clients.


Content Is The Key To Attracting Potential Clients

Now, to attract 20 people to a sales call with you, you need something enticing to lead them to a sales call. Let’s assume you’re using an opt-in freebie and your email list to nurture fans into clients.

If, for example, your conversion rate – from subscriber to sales call – is 10%. This means you need to attract 200 new subscribers to your email list every month.

(The industry standard for email conversions is 1-3% but of course this is going to vary greatly from list to list. You might have a highly engaged and well-targeted list of ideal fans whereas the industry standard might be simply going through the motions of a typical sales funnel to sell a passive product. That’s why it’s important to use your actual numbers for this exercise and not just use the numbers I’m using for this example.)

And, to get 200 new subscribers on your list every month, you need to get that freebie in front of 500+ people in your target audience each month. (40% conversion rate from traffic that sees your landing page to people who opt-in is pretty typical/standard.)

That could be done with a combination of blog posts, social media posts, ads, flyers, etc.


Boost your sales by pinpointing the areas of your client attraction process that you can improve for bigger results! #marketing #coaching #clients
You want a steady stream of clients lining up to work with you. (But looking more thrilled about it than these gals!)


Where To Find The Breakdown In YOUR System

If YOU were this coach, you could easily look at this system and ask yourself, “Am I getting 20 requests for sales calls each month?”

  • If not, your next question would be, “Am I getting 200 new subscribers each month?”
    • If not, your next question would be, “Is my content getting in front of 500+ people every month?”
      • If not, then you can clearly see where the problem is!

If getting your content in front of 500+ people each month sounds like too much right now, you could easily reduce the number of clients you want to gain each month or tweak the numbers somewhere else. You could improve your sales closing rate to 80% so that 8 out of 10 people you get on a sales call with, buys your offer.

To book 10 clients per month at an 80% closing rate, you’d only need 12 sales calls per month instead of  20. Which means you’d only need 120 new subscribers instead of 200 and you could put your lead magnet in front of 300 people instead of 500.

If you want help increasing your sales conversions, download the Rockstar Sales Strategies PDF to help you boost those numbers!

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Don’t let those numbers freak you out! There’s a zillion ways to improve your client attraction process and grow your following. It’s time to Draw A Crowd, Superstars!!!

👉 You can increase your conversion rate on sales calls from 50% closing rate to 80%, by improving your sales skills.

👉 OR you can create content that sells so you attract more people who are ready to buy when they get on the call with you.

👉 You can increase the number of people who get on a sales call with you without attracting 200 new subscribers each month by reaching out to people in other ways. Answering questions in FB groups or forums. Messaging new contacts and establishing a connection that leads to a sales call. Going to networking events. Getting involved in Twitter chats and building relationships there. Creating a FB group to attract clients and build trust.

In other words a more hands-on approach. (Also known as high-touch, which takes more of your time and energy but is absolutely the right tactic for certain people/businesses/brands.)

👉  If time freedom is just as important to you as money, and your sales skills are where you want them to be (like maybe you don’t want to increase your closing rate because you don’t like the idea of pushing people into a sale that you don’t think is right for them), then you’re best bet is to let your content do the selling for you so that the people requesting a sales call are ready to buy.

And then you let that content attract new fans and nurture them into paying clients.

Being super clear about your message in every post, freebie and FB ad will help you attract more ideal clients into your sales funnel which will convert better into sales! Download the Clear & Captivating Message PDF to help you boost your content conversions:

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Your Brand Fits Somewhere On The High-Touch To Low-Touch Spectrum

There’s a spectrum of possibilities between high-touch and low-touch and you should choose the right combination of content and personal touch that’s right for your brand.

Whichever method you prefer – high touch or low touch (more hands-on or more hands-off), it all starts with content and follows this formula.

So now you can clearly see how large of a crowd you need to attract in order to fill your schedule with paying clients.

Draw A Crowd, nurture your crowd, lead your crowd towards the sale. Keep creating amazing content that attracts the right crowd and sells them on YOU before they ever get on a call with you.


If you want to look at your actual numbers together and figure out a system that works for you, get in touch! Click here to answer a couple questions and book a FREE Client Attraction Assessment session.


Or, scroll down and leave a comment and/or ask any questions you have.


This simple process shows you exactly where your client attraction and sales process could be improved to increase your income and impact! #marketing #coaching #clientsThis post is part of a 5-day series called the IDEAL Framework – where D stands for Drawing A Crowd.

The series takes place once a month in the Real To Ideal Superstars Facebook group. C’mon over if you want to learn how to triple YOUR income and impact while making a difference in the world! (Use the hashtag #IDEAL4 in the FB group to see the other posts in this series.)

This simple process shows you exactly where your client attraction and sales process could be improved to increase your income and impact! #marketing #coaching #clients

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